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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ikkicon Cosplay stuff.
So for the past few years I've had this cosplay idea in the back of my mind and I once discussed it with a friend (Newbeh) about it and he thought I was perfect for it.

Who is it?

Haruhara Haruko.




Haruko >;O

I mean she has curves... I have curves. 8D

We're both wild and such.

So here's the list of stuff I need to get together for this cosplay:

[x]The red vest thing (I need to revise the tightness of the outfit though)
[]Long sleeve cream colored shirt
[x]White go go boots (Compliments of Sethos)
[x]Black tight pants
[]Pink wig (On its way)
[]White scarf
[x]Guitar (Compliments of Sethos)
[]Goggles (Not until after Ikki, sadly)

I'm going thrift store hopping tomorrow to find the long sleeve shirt and possibly the scarf. I'm thinking Wal-mart will have my gloves.

What does everyone think? :3

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