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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Party at my house and you missed it.

Saturday was pretty fun for me. I woke up a little early because people just didn't want to leave me alone and they insisted on constantly calling one after the other. Getting out of bed, I got a text from Ian talking about his age. I found out he was getting a car and squee'd a little to myself.

Kisa came around and took me to the mall (La Cantera) so I could witness her school shopping. I felt a little sick because I'd only eaten one thing prior to leaving the house, but I was fine in the long run. We walked about aimlessly while she looked for clothes and eventually got a text from Ian saying that they were heading out.

They = Ian, Blu and Zappa.

I'll give you a hint... my parents were out of town. :P

So it was Julie's party and we decided to stop by and hang out for a bit. I was little upset that I couldn't stay at her party, but I had other things to do.


When Ian called and said that he was near my house, I left from Julie's and went to meet up with my three guys. Ian lost the game, he broke into a run first and hugged me tightly. I took them inside where we stood around wondering what to do.

Soon enough, Ian, Blu, Zappa, Kisa and I were off to Ingram to hang out. Blu bought Kisa a shirt that says, "I am McLovin'" and she accepts Blu as a friend now. :)

Yes, Ian and I held hands.

We walked about everywhere and met some mormon guy that got a little too talkative later on so we went to Kay-Bee Toys... where he followed us. <<;

We showed enough dislike for him that he left us alone though.

We stopped by Kirkland's and waved to Matt before moving on. At Spencer's Zappa bought me a Fossil Dragon from the McFarlane collection.

**Note to self: I owe Zappa 24.99**

Blu and I paid to get Kisa ANOTHER shirt. It says, "I <3 Girls". Yey.

We went to the food court where Blu waited FOREVER to get his food and he treated us all to some Waffle Fries. THANKS BLU. I think Blu saved me from passing out from lack of food. lol.

We went to Cyber Zone where Ian played his Para Para and Blu and Zappa did their classic arcade fighting games.

We got kicked out of Cyber Zone because the mall was closing at 10:00 PM.


I drove home, where I made up my mind that it wouldn't hurt to have the guys stay the night as long as they left early. XD

I forgot to get milk on the way home, so we had to go back out to HEB. Nick rode in the trunk of my car (The trunk is just behind the seats, so he wouldn't suffocate, guys.) and we got two gallons of milk.

We got home where we chatted for a bit in my room and then migrated to the living room to watch 300.

Many jokes about herpes (straight out of the box), man ass, mansex, man everything, funky looking nipples, etc. were made. Zappa fell asleep. Awr. :>

When we were laughing a little after the movie, Zappa magically woke up saying,

"Squidalla." (SCREW MY SPELLING)

We laughed some more.

Zappa and I cuddled a little while Ozzy (My kitty) groomed Ian.

Kisa went through Blu's music and we decided to head for bed a little before 3 AM.

The whole scene was so great, I took pictures. 8D

Pictures can be seen in the album titled, "Seth-Con" on Myspace. :)

Anyway, we woke up fairly early and I had to eventually chase the guys out before the parents got home. After long hugs and sadness, they were on their way and Kisa and I passed out on the couch with Matt cuddling into me. x)

That was Seth-Con!

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