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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Car.
So many of you know that I've been busting my ass as of late to get myself the car I've been planning to get since I was able to get my first license about six months ago. My car obsession began a long while ago with the intense NEED to drive myself around and even see my friends in Austin and get to know all of them better. Sadly, I had some problems along the way...

My dad first told me that he would buy my first car for my 17th birthday. As per usual my dad decided to change his mind about the whole odeal and then he moved my car to when I got a job. Lo and behold I got myself a job at GameStop (Which, quite frankly, I'm quitting here VERY soon) and dad decides I won't get a car until I start school... my senior year, which is late august.

First of all, I need to be able to get to BAND CAMP almost every day beginning next week and with the rain going on and on it seems like the parents won't be taking their motorcycle anytime soon; thus leaving me without a car.

One day I came home from Sethos' house to get into an arguement with my parents and I did the normal teenager thing and went to my room to brood about my dad being an ass. Soon enough, my step mom comes into the room and we talk about things. I voiced to her how fucking pisses I was about the fact that I had to wait to get my car when I've worked just as hard to earn the damn car.

She told my dad that she was upset about it too and they began the process of looking for a car for me. Now they decided the money they would spend would be no more than $2,000 and when they found out that $2,000 would ensure my getting into an accident due to the shitty mileage and stuff they bumped the price to $3,000.

Yesterday they called me into their room to talk to me. Dad voiced that he didn't like the cars they were looking at because he didn't trust the safety of the used cars. He was worried that my transmission would crap out in the middle of an intersection and he didn't want it to happen. So mom then turned the keys to Mazda Tribute over to me.

So, my friends, I officially have a car. :)

Sooooo, Tyshi, hit me up with plans to go to Austin for the thing. <3

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