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Friday, June 8, 2007

Long Gone Vacation...
Time: 8:00 PM

Song: Fast Synth

By: New Order

Mood: Exhausted/Restless/Confused/Content/Sorrowful

Just another day in the week
Waiting for an opportunity
To step in front of me
Maybe I'm losing my mind
Searching for another place
In another time

Real love can't be bought
It is wild and it can't be caught
Real love cant' be sown
It's another color than gold

(I need your love)
I just wanna buy it
(I need your love)
Will you help me find it?
(I want your love)
How can you deny it?
(I need your love)
You've just gotta try it
(I want you now)
's something that you've gotta know
(I need you now)
My love for you I wanna show
(I want your love)
I'm telling you I that I belong
(I need your love)
You and me just can't go wrong

Standing on top of the world
Thinking of the joy you bring
When you do that thing to me
You sure know a lot for a girl
You could bring the good times back
Get me on the tracks

(I need your love)
(I need your love)
(I need your love)
(I need your love)

You and me just can't go wrong
You and me just can't go wrong
You and me just can't go wrong
You and me just can't go wrong

Impossible to be so strung out with all of those emotions, hm? I tend to think not now that I look back at my summer. I've neglected this blog so much throughout the past few months and I will admit that I feel a little horrible about it. My heart reaches out to all of my dear friends who I left behind for a bit.

But I suppose I'm back with Seth.

Seth: ...

Excuse him. He's suffering a minor hangover because he took up a few drinks yesterday.

Anyway... onto my thoughts, I guess.

This summer has sucked complete ass so far and I don't know what to do about my growing predicament of being trapped in hope and in the house. I heard that being stuck in the house all the time leads to an unhealthy nature and I can understand why now.


For the past three days it has been nothing but restless nights, eyes wide awake and mind half asleep, the bed isn't comfortable, I feel anxious and have been doing everything in my power to just...


Would that be the right word for what I want right now? I'm not even sure at the moment...

Funny how I look forward to the freedoms of summer only to be rudely disappointed by all that goes on.

Everyone's busy.

No one wants to hang out.

I'm realizing who my true friends are.

Barely anyone keeps in touch.

The hours of night go by so fast and I find myself asleep by 5:30 - 6:00 AM and waking from sleep at 1:00 PM.

I'm not hungry anymore. I have to practically force myself to eat.

This can't be healthy. e.e;


I can't wait to go to the beach.

How unsightly these hours are becoming.

Anyway, I got bored and decided to make a default picture for myspace at:


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm just day dreamin' about my husband, Miles Edgeworth. :D

I'ma go focus on something until someone calls with a proposition on doing something.

Later days!

- Kawaii Seth

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