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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Too funny not to post.
luvrboy69: hay babi

Kawaii Seth: Erm... is this some kind of gay ebaums joke? :(

luvrboy69: no y

Kawaii Seth: That made absolutely no sense.

luvrboy69: lol ur funny i liek ur personlity

Kawaii Seth: My WHAT? o_o

luvrboy69: r u singel?

Kawaii Seth: How old are you?

luvrboy69: a/s/l?

Kawaii Seth: 87/f/NY :D

luvrboy69: dam ur old

Kawaii Seth: Yeah, I started using this cream that makes me look 30 again.

luvrboy69: rly?

Kawaii Seth: Yeah. I recommend it. :)

luvrboy69: wut comp?

Kawaii Seth: I'm assuming you mean company?

luvrboy69: ya

Kawaii Seth: Ever heard of Umbrella corp.?

luvrboy69: no

Kawaii Seth: Look it up. Good company.

luvrboy69: r u rly 87?

Kawaii Seth: No.

Kawaii Seth: I lied. :(

luvrboy69: lol i thot so

Kawaii Seth: I'm 89. :)

luvrboy69: no ur not

Kawaii seth: Yeah I am. o.o

luvrboy69: y r u on the internet?

Kawaii Seth: What century do you live in? It's the internets these days, boy.

luvrboy69: can i have a pic?

Kawaii Seth: Of what? ;D

luvrboy69: u

Kawaii Seth: U?

luvrboy69: ya

Kawaii Seth: 'Kay! Lemme find one.

luvrboy69: yay

Kawaii Seth: http://pbskids.org/sesame/coloring/images/u_ernie.gif

luvrboy69: that's not u

Kawaii Seth: Uh... yeah it is. "U".

luvrboy69: no a picture of u

Kawaii Seth: That is a picture of "U"!

luvrboy69: wut r u whereing?

Kawaii Seth: I'm in NY. I told you.

luvrboy69: no cloth


luvrboy69: no

luvrboy69: wut r u wering?

Kawaii Seth: Armor.

luvrboy69: wut? lol

Kawaii Seth: It's armor that has a +5 defense against white magic. Duh.

luvrboy69: r u crazy?

Kawaii Seth: Can I make an objection against that claim? You have no sufficient evidence to run off of. :/

luvrboy69: ur crazy

Kawaii Seth: OBJECTION!

luvrboy69: im logging off now

Kawaii Seth: Wanna see a picture of me?

luvrboy69: ya

Kawaii Seth: Press alt + F4

luvrboy69 has logged off.

luvrboy69 had logged on.

luvrboy69: it didn't work

Kawaii Seth: You probably didn't do it right.

luvrboy69 has logged off.

Kawaii Seth: LOSER.

pharaohinyourpanfs: LOL! I love you, Seth.

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