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Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Super 17th Birthday.
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So my 17th birthday didn't go as bad as I thought it would be. Instead of all of the drama and awkwardness I expected, I actually got a bunch of teenagers in the same house to hang out and mingle without arguing or crying (until departure of course).

Taking things back to Saturday morning:

I woke up and hung out in my room for a bit to mentally prepare myself for the war I thought I was going to face with myself. My phone rang and on the screen it said, "Zappa" and I thought it was to be my son calling that he was leaving Austin. I was feeling pretty peppy and I made a fool out of myself. I picked up my cell and responded happily with, "Hello, my beloved son!"


Only to get Ian (ex-boyfriend for those of my new friends) on the other line. So embarassing...

So after feeling a little awkward and telling them they could arrive at 3:40 PM, I hung up and went to take a shower. I enjoyed cleansing myself thoroughly and then Kisa, Yugi, Setoek and Seren showed up to begin the streamer decorations. I put up streamers with the help of Kisa and Setoek and the step stool.

I had a nutri-grain bar for breakfast because I was too nervous/dreading/anxious for the party to begin. I waited for my hair to dry and then proceeded to straighten it. Damn, my hair has gotten long compared to the length it's been for the past three and half years! o_o

Seren and I set up the N64 and we played some Pokemon Stadium (OLD SCHOOL) until people began to show up. Ian and Zappa were the first to show up. Sadly, dad beat me to the door so I hid behind the door and decided to give him a big hug.

Hey, it was either stand there and be all awkward with a, "Hey... how's it going?"

Or actually show happiness and give him a big hug.

So we cuddled on the couch and more and more people showed up. We had a total of 15 people at the house. Woot!


And to add a little in-depth to the situation...

I thought, actualy... I EXPECTED there to be some kind of awkward block standing between me and Ian. Things in the past have made me be such a bitch toward him and I thought that a grudge would appear from my heartless actions toward him.

For a good majority of the party me, Ian, Kisa and Julie sat on the couch in a mass of cuddly goodness. And for the first time in about two years...

I was fine being next to Ian.

I was perfectly fine.


The object(tion!) of my party was to ensure that everyone have a good time meeting each other and spending time and I believe that goal was happily accomplished.

It was time to cut the cake and boy did I get the best damned cake in the UNIVERSE!

I got... a Pokemon cake with Pikachu and Charmander figures on it! FUCK YES!

I ate my cake and then got spakings from my dad with a wooden spoon. My right butt cheek still kinda hurts. ;-;

I opened presents and got:


Nintendo DS

Pheonix Wright: Justice For All

Nintendogs (I got a Siberian Husky!)

Afterward we all just kinda stood in the kitchen and mingled. It was fun taking pictures with birthday kisses and what not. I thought a certain "couple" was the most adorable thing ever, but I won't go into detail because that topic is PROBABLY left with anonymous names. <.<

As per usual, all good things must come to an end but I didn't think it would be so hard to part with Zappa and Ian.

As Setoek and Zappa talked a bit, Ian kinda clung onto me. I felt completely fine with in and that's a miracle in itself right there! I didn't think it would be that hard for them to leave, but Ian looked almost like he was to tears before leaving.

I walked them out and offered more lingering hugs before nearly forcing Ian and Zappa off of the porch. I felt horrible for seemingly pushing them off, but Zappa had to get things done. Smiles were slapped on as they drove off only to drop once more and we returned to the party that was winding down.

Everyone left eventually and I was left with a minor headache, a mass of confused thoughts about the night and a bed too comfortable for its own good.

I would like to thank everyone that showed up for such a wonderful party and I love all of my friends dearly. <3

No more mushyness... I'm not good at being emotional anymore. :P

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