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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eheh... Birthday...?
As friends know, my birthday is this month on the 26th and I know that many have been wondering: whut teh fux iz goin on?!?!1

Here's my problem:

My parents really didn't want to do anything for my 17th birthday, so I had nothing to do for the longest time. It was decided a while ago that Kisa's mom would take us to a place called "Incredible Pizza" to hang out and play games, etc.


When I told my dad he got ALL OFFENDED that I would DARE allow someone else take me out on my birthday. So my next best choice is to just have a small gathering at my house with some friends and play video games and mingle a bit. Chances are, my parents won't be too into THAT idea either. -.-

I have gotten the same question from a good majority of my friends.

"What do you want for your birthday?"

I'm trying to save up to get myself a Nintendo DS so....

All I want is money. :3

I'll get back with you guys on the birthday "party". Feel free to leave suggestions because I'm drawing a complete blank for celebration this year.

- Kawaii Seth

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