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Monday, September 24, 2007



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Kawaii Presea

Name: Ashley
Age: 15
Birthday: November 25th
Gender: Female
Heritage: Chinese/Khmer
Nicknames: Ari, Aya, Satoshi
Loves: Naru/to Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga, NaruHina, Twilight
Dislikes: Seafood, Followers
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, PangYa!, Trickster, singing, cosplay
Member Since: December 23rd, 2004

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Layout created by Satoshi Image provided by Anime Paper. LUCKY STAR characters belong to respective owners.


Ossu! Welcome to Sato-chan's space on MyO! I'm not around as often as I was before, but feel free to leave a message anyways.

Um...I'm 15 and live in Minnesota. 8D My friends call me the quiet/sarcastic/smart person of the group. And sometimes sassy. But I really don't see how that works at all. I have a strange love for blonde guys with blue eyes. But it might just be coincidence. I also love the strong determination in people. x333

I'm open to talk anytime. :)

Also, please don't steal my codes or graphics. I work hard on these. And I'd rather not recieve PMs about HTML help. I'll help with small things, but not layouts and whatnot.

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Winter Wish-Yonekura Chihiro

Art Stats

Requests: If you're a close friend.
Collabs: I'm up for it
Art Trades: Depends on when you ask me.

Today's Story

Current Mood: Irritated

School keeps on getting in the way of my sewing time! Dx It's making me mad! Plus I have several songs I need to record for the ABC Challenge that's due in December. >>;; And at the rate that this is going, I might not make it.

Anyways. School.

Algebra: I want to move hours. Or at least have a different teacher. These people in this class are not talkative at all. Which makes it a very unnerving environment.

Science: We sat there taking notes. ._.;; And I talked to Nel about Sesshomaru's fluffy being like supah huge.

English: Boring. Nuff said.

Choir: I never got the chance to ask Ms. Tomes about the individual project. Dx I wanted to ask her if she could play the piano for me to sing along with. I was planning on singing an English translated version of New Future by Changin' My Life. Must remember to do that tomorrow.

Lunch: The Eightiopians think they're all that. Can't they just shut up and eat? >> They're all talking about poppin' cherries and cute guys/girls, etc. and they keep doing stuff to my seat. Like putting their feet on it or sitting in it.

Drawing: Wasn't as fun as it usually is. =_=;; We didn't get to stay in the classroom and instead had to go up to the computer lab. Mariah and Brittany were saying my name all funny-like. "AshLEEEEEE" in a weird kinda growl thing with their throat. Think KISS. (the band)

History: We sat there and watched a video about Ponce De Leon. Mr. Finn was gone for some reason. And everyone was saying that the sub was Frodo. Or like gay or something. And they kept giggling while he wasn't watching. ._.;; After the video, everyone started looking at my sketchbook. I dunno. It's not even that interesting. The cover might be, but not the inside.

And now I should shut up and leave so I have time to start sewing today. There's so much homework. >>


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