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Tuesday, January 1, 2008



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Kawaii Presea

Name: Ashley
Age: 15
Birthday: November 25th
Gender: Female
Heritage: Chinese/Khmer
Nicknames: Ari, Aya, Satoshi
Loves: Naru/to Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga, NaruHina, Twilight
Dislikes: Seafood, Followers
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, PangYa!, Trickster, singing, cosplay
Member Since: December 23rd, 2004

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+Sekai no Melody
+Together for Tomorrow



Layout created by Satoshi Image provided by Anime Paper. LUCKY STAR characters belong to respective owners.


Ossu! Welcome to Sato-chan's space on MyO! I'm not around as often as I was before, but feel free to leave a message anyways.

Um...I'm 15 and live in Minnesota. 8D My friends call me the quiet/sarcastic/smart person of the group. And sometimes sassy. But I really don't see how that works at all. I have a strange love for blonde guys with blue eyes. But it might just be coincidence. I also love the strong determination in people. x333

I'm open to talk anytime. :)

Also, please don't steal my codes or graphics. I work hard on these. And I'd rather not recieve PMs about HTML help. I'll help with small things, but not layouts and whatnot.

Track Spinning

Winter Wish-Yonekura Chihiro

Art Stats

Requests: If you're a close friend.
Collabs: I'm up for it
Art Trades: Depends on when you ask me.

Today's Story

Geez. It's back to school for me already. How troublesome. >> Our school district is retarded. But it's not like I can move out of it. My parents are too lazy to pick me up and drop me off. =_=;;

I've got a lot of work to make up that I couldn't take home before vacation started. But I managed to finish my history homework. One thing out of the way. 4 more to go. Or 6. I don't remember.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. 8D

Boy, this update was useless.


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