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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

   Art thievery, oh my~!
So, on my latest picture ("Sakura"), a bunch of people were questioning if I was the original artist, because someone pointed out a link that showed it had been uploaded on photobucket (with my signature cropped out)

I've uploaded a full size crop of the original picture to show I am the original artist for it. Hopefully it will be updated onto the MyOtaku fanart section too~.

Someone asked for a step-by-step kind of in-progress proof...which would be awesome, I agree. However, I didn't take photos / screenshots of every step of my progress while drawing and coloring that picture, unfortunately =_=". The only time I do that is when I'm making tutorials, normally, sorry (saving the progress as a separate image every step of the way is a lot of work)! Ummm, I do happen to have a couple of in-progress screenshots from one of my other pictures, though.

(Sorry she looks kind of half-naked ^^;!! If you look at the completed version, you'll see she really DOES have a skirt on!!! I drew the skin color in first though, because the dress was wet and would show the skin color through underneath at the end *falls over*. I didn't expect to have to upload the in-progress screenshots publicly ^^; )

For anyone who might still have doubts, please check out my DA page or my website. I've been posting art for many, many years, and have done literally hundreds upon hundreds of commissioned pictures (where people pay me to draw their own original characters). I doubt I could have happened to find hundreds of different pictures, all with exactly the same style, of each and every one of their characters to "steal" LOL.

I'm glad people are on the lookout for art thieves, because you don't know how many times my art has been stolen since I first started posting it on the web in 1998 or so (yes, I am old X_X).

However, I just wanted to point out a couple of things...

There are a TON of art thieves on photobucket, myspace, and many other photo / upload type websites. Seeing a picture in some quiz or on photobucket...vs. from a serious artist's DA or website gallery...in all likelihood, THEY are the ones who stole it. (You don't know how many times people have used my art without credit, pretended to be me, or even sold merchandise with my art on it illegally XP (okay, the merchandise part was kind of cool when I found out...but I was still upset because I should have at least gotten a cut of the money LOL))

Also, google is just a search engine. Of course my artwork can be found on google. Because my artwork is posted online. Google searches for images and finds them. This doesn't mean I wasn't the original artist. It just means I posted it online somewhere.

You may wonder why I still post my art online when it may get stolen? I like to share it with people, just like a writer likes to have people read their books. I enjoy drawing...but what use is drawing if no one ever gets to look at a picture? Art is meant to be seen and shared ^^! (Though not stolen O_O! Art thieves are bad! ROFL)

So anyways, it's okay to ask nicely for assurance that someone's not an art thief...almost any artist will be glad to provide proof that the art is theirs. It protects them, too, from the bad people! But please don't aggressively accuse someone when there isn't a lot of proof. TwT It hurts that some people aren't even willing to give me a chance to prove myself.

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