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Monday, June 13, 2005

   Who's in the garden singing?
Manga mood: Furuba
Music: Punky stuff
I GOT MOMIJI!!!!! *^_^* Yep, yep!! I'm in TN, on a trip that's too indepth to describe right now, but the basics are these: I've got wireless here, and we went to the mall where I got Momiji. (He's stuffed, just like my Kyo. So now I have them both!!!) Anyway... Now for some questions! (You're thinking, finally!)
Q1: If you could turn into any of the Chinese zodiac, which would you turn into? hehehehehe
Q2: What do these initials stand for: KPC? (Not serious)
AQ1: The tiger, partially because I am a tiger, and partially because it's one of the two coolest animals from the zodiac. (The other's the dragon.)
AQ2: Kruchy Potato Chips ^_^
Ja ne!

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