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Thursday, June 9, 2005

   I'm BACK!!!!! ^_^
Manga mood: Alice 19th (I finally started it!!! So good.)
Music: Jpop
I'M BACK, AND STILL ALIVE!! I kinda doughted I would make it after the rope corses... but they were actually fun! We didn't get to go white water rafting, but I got to meet the other people going to Nagoya with me, as well as sixty-something other missionary interns. The strange thing about the other missionaries going to Nagoya is that they're all guys. No other girls o.O. Strange. Oh, and they're all anime fans, too, so there will be much DDRing and Princess Mononoke we decided. Now all I have to do is get them on myO!!
Other good news: I'M ON MY NEW LAPTOP!!!! YAYAYAYAY!! Oh, and I'm using someone else's wireless. heheheh It has a DVD player, too, so I can watch my animes whenever I want to! It makes me soooo happy!! I still have a billion and one things to download onto it, but I'll get it all set up soon enough.
Well, I'll go into the other things I've been doing later, but now to your sites!! ^_^ Ja matta ne!

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