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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Manga mood: Not sure; it's too early!
Music: Avril Lavigne (can't spell her last name)
Sorry I haven't been by in over a week, and I won't be by till Monday or Tuesday. A two second summery of what I've been doing: My great-aunt died (the one that was like a mom to my mom), I graduated, I found out I'm about a third of the way done with my fundraising for Japan though I haven't actually started fundraising yet, and I got a laptop for graduation from mom and dad. This morning (at 7am!!!) I leave for a pre-field training stress camp, were there will be white water rafting and a rope course. I hate rope courses. Sooooo, yeah! That's last week and this week. For those of you whom I was gonna make something for, it will be sent to you when I get back; they're already done. ^_^ Sorry I couldn't get to your sites, but I promise I will when I get back! I'll have a whole week off!!!! Sounds soooo nice... Well, I got to get rollin', ja matta ne!

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