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Monday, May 9, 2005

Manga mood: No clue
Music: Ayumi Hayasaki (or whatever-- some awsome Japanese artist.)
Yeah, so I hurt. >_< Let's not get into that... Yesterday I went to my fave amusment park: Paramount's King's Island!!!! ^_^ YAYAYAY!!! Why does that park so totally rock? First, it's only a half an hour from my house. (OK, I'm on the map.) Second, it has the loooongest wooden rollercoster in the WORLD: the Beast. And it's also the longest rollercoster to hold a record. ^_^ It makes me happpy, even though it's so dang bummpy it could kill you. Ugh. So, yeah, HeartofSword and I only got to ride, like, three rides, but I got to play DDR Arcade verision like, a ton, and I got a Tails!!!! ^_^ She got Shadow, and she stole a Knuckles, but Tails makes me much happier. (Well, um, technaclly, I stole the Knuckles, but NO ONE WAS CLAIMING IT, and I ended up giving it to her.) So, yeah, it was a pretty good day, though HeartofSword's brother ran away with his friend, and we spent over an hour and two security guards looking for them. Oh, well- I guess it made it interesting.
Q1: Who's your favorite Sonic character?
Q2: I know this is on your sites, but are you a girl or boy? (Running out of ideas.)
AQ1: Tails, and then Sonic. Knuckles is cool, but I tend to go for the good guys.
AQ2: Girl, as if you couldn't guess.
OK, off topic: what happened to Shinigami?! (I ment to ask this earlier.) It seems her site has been deleted, and I have no clue why, or if she got a new one. Does anyone know? Thanks! Ja ne!

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