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Monday, May 2, 2005

Manga mood: La... Tsubasa
Music: Mello tunes (fear from .hack//SIGN at the moment.)
OK, I'm losing it!! ^_^ I have had an average of 5 hours of sleep for the past five nights or so in a row. And it's getting to me. Today, I was so out of it, I at the fortune out of the cookie, without realizing it. I stopped, and looked down at the half a cookie left, and asked myself, "Self, what did you do with the fortune?" And as I chewed the other half of the cookie, something somewhat foul came to my taste buds. I didn't even get to read it! So yeah, now I'm rambling about it too you, laughing about it to myself, and listening to My Immortal at the same time. OK, I'll shut up now.
I didn't even get to tell you about the formal or my senior pictures! Oh, well, I'll save it for tomorrow.
Q1: Have you ever eaten a fortune out of a fortune cookie?
Q2: If you could name a new pokemon, what would it be?
AQ1: Yes. We've already discussed this.
AQ2: Um.... Rockorian or Leaferion. I decided looooong ago, when I was young and obsessed, that there needed to be a leaf and rock Eevee stage. Go figure. Ja!

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