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Monday, March 10, 2008

The checklist
ACen post again. Aren't you excited?

So it's officially official. I'm going as Maya Fey from the Phoenix Wright series, while Waffles is going as Mia. WE'RE PSYCHIC SISTERS!!11!1!

The biggest problem with me and this costume is...drumroll please...the wig, for the obvious reason that I have short hair. [And if you didn't know that, then please go and read some of my comics. Or something.]

However! I fell onto an awesomely amazing windfall! My friend Deanna, of whom I'm also rooming with at the Hyatt, has a wig that I can have my way with. A perfect wig, might I add. NOW I'M NOT OUT $50 AHAHAHAA.

Right right, checklist...

-Wig [x]
-Hair accessories
-Kimono white
-Kimono purple
-Bow cumberbund [lolbandgeek]
-Flip flops

The only real problem I'm seeing is getting the hair pieces to cooperate with me. X3; I need to make a top-knot ponytail, get beads onto her hair, and put a giant bead for her bottom ponytail. Merrr.

And now, please pray that JoAnn Fabrics gives me a callback with the application I gave to them. ;_;

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Because I am a great student, I leave everything until the last minute. Never have I had such a great example until now.

Every quarter, we are assigned to read a book for my AP Brit Lit class. Well, it's a book of our choice, but it has to be approved by the teacher under a certain set of criteria, etc. etc. In the past, I've read "Grendel" by John Gardner and "The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck.

But third quarter is third quarter, which means it's just...chock full of crap. Also, it was the start of my semester of AP Government, which is, in itself, a handful [despite the teacher going 'THIS ISN'T A LOT OF WORK BLAH BLAH']. So I shirked off all book report duties.

For weeks.

And then, last week, it was announced that the papers were due Friday, March 7th. ...And I continued to shirk off my duties.

But from the start, I knew I wasn't really going to read a book, and that I was really gong to SparkNote some short read [since we're allowed one short book], write a mediocre paper, and get a 26/30 on it. Sounds like a plan!

But what's really fun is freaking people out the way I did. For instance, today in multimedia...

Katana: Yeah, we have those book report essays due tomorrow.
Andrew: Really? So what are you reading?
Katana: I dunno. I haven't picked out a book yet.
Andrew: WHAT?!
Katana: Yeap!

And that's what happened. At 7:50pm, I chose the book I was going to "read" - "Animal Farm" by George Orwell [of "1984" fame]. At 8:40pm, I started to write my paper, got blessed with some magic, and ended up writing my longest paper ever for this class. XD;

Remember kids! I am the best damn role model ever! >3 *whacked brick'd shot*

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So VV has launched, and I'm trying to cram as much of it as possible within a twenty minute morning routine.

I am sufficiently lost. Perhaps the jump was too great for my mind to immediately process it. Also, load times are horrendously tedious.

Just created my world, hahahaahahaha. So...here it is. :3

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Me, 'gome, and Timba were keeping tabs on the progress of the Version Vibrant launch.

Here, have some doodles, courtesy of Katana, the mouse, Photoshop, boredom, and the print screen button:

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