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Friday, February 29, 2008

   la la la...
so i reallydon'tknow when i'll be ableto get back on theO >_< My comp wont even let me post pics now so it really sucks! i miss everyone here...
but eventualy i will return! lol
updat of my life: im in one of those "he likes you" things where everyone is saying it but idon't think its true lol. the sad thing is is that i really like him tho lol

any way...foranyone who cares i have recently been forced into buying world of warcraft lol. so i guess if you have wow then you can play with me! i'm in Gul'dan and my char is Lunendiel (draeni priest)

and...that's it right now lol. i'll try to get some new pics up but i guess i'll ttyl.
~later <3

p.s. any relationship advice would be greatly appreciated right now lol

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