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Friday, November 30, 2007

   hey again^^ (sorry it's so long!)

you may have noticed that i got some pics up^^ but that's about all i can do from home T_T
i have started to submit all the prize pics for my wonderful winners! if you placed, please search "prizepic" and look for your prize kay? only afew are still not done so if you don't see yours it'll be up soon hopefully. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to draw them all...i've been REALLY busy and i have almost no time for art any more >_>
My DA account is up an hoppin^^ so if you want to drop by please visit me and tell me who u are kay? i'm elentori there but you guys already know that ^-^' or you can just leave your account name here in the comments and i'll go look for you! it really is an amazing site and it's very easy to use...i heard some ppl say that they diddn't want an account cause they diddn't think they were good enough...but the range of talent there is huge! please don't let that stop you, i guarantee you'll have fun^^
I've also noticed that theO is becomming...lazy?...i guess...ppl don't vote and comment pics like they used too and it's kinda sad. the highest voted pic only has like, 20 votes wich isn't very much if you ask me.

any way, i've talked your ear off long enough! (or written your ear off?) lol if you actually read all of that then i'm impressed and thank you!! i'll hopefully be on again soon.

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