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Sunday, May 18, 2008

   Wah! A Commitment! *runs to corner and gets in the feedal position*
^^ I have decided to draw a picture everyday this summer. :D YAYS! Hmm..I shall post every weekend. I will not draw on weekends because that is the day I will color my pics, but i may not color particular pics because I want to color them with Copic markers(which I sadly do not have right now). ^^" This may bend a little bit. I may not have time to color on the weekend so I may just draw a pic. Plus i also have to finish my Photoshop Picture and a painting so i may reserve a few weekends for them. I need* to finish my photoshop pic by next school year. (* stress this much). My painting looks very nice...even though I dont do alot of paintings. :D So Im excited to finish that. Hm... i will start next weekend...I will only post..since Ill have like 9 pics to color. (maybe 10). Stay tuned for more! ^^


P.S. If Im on your friends list I would like to have updates on ur new art ^^ if you dont mind. :D See Yas!

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