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Monday, November 12, 2007

its 12:40 and I still have an essay to write fortunatly its just the first ruff draft so its not a huge deal but I realy need to get something down the problem being I don't really know what to say

on top of that I wasn't able to finnish my econmics homwork because I couldn't figure out to navigate the stupid Federal Reserves site! 3 questions went unanswered!

in other news several of my suite mates are whatching 23...which is a good movie by the way if you haven't seen it you should...

also the reason of my procrastiation this weekend and lack of visiting was I was catching up on FMA manga which is amazing by the way I like it much much better than the show with the angle it takes on every thing and they just introduced Pride and discovered who the "other Hoinhiem" (sp?) is...its great and Ed...Ed..*tears up* I won't tell you I don't want to spoil it but I just got to chapter 76 if you want to read it let me know and I'll give you the url...I can't wait for the next chapter to come out *very excited*

oh and I talked to Lunnaei to day that was fun I haven't actualy talked talked to her in awhile so it was rather refershing I guess you could say I miss her....and Kibou...and dragon...and yesha..and....and...my other HA brothers/rest of the family oh well enough of my complaints...I shall now leave you and do my essay and I promise I will visit tomorow!!!!

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