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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

   sooo long yet again
I'm sorry I'm trying I really am but I seem to be failing with keeping up here
I currently blame this on my introduction to facebook...

anyways lets see other than a random moment or two I may share with you at the end deppending on what I rember by the time I finnish this...

not much has been happening though I don't remeber what I said last time so for a run threw
1) I finnaly droped math but if I stop being lazy I will keep trying to study it on my own until I take the class again next semseter..
2) on Sunday I finnaly ordered my new laptop it should be here in the next day or so...
3) I was sadly not able to go to Alumni weekend at HA because I promised to go to BILL Hill here
4) Bill Hill was kind of fun
5) I finnished the 3rd volume of Godchild and manged to find the Cain Saga online so I will have to read that
6) I also started Doll and the Embalmer
7)have been whatching Ouran Host Club about 2 eps per week just finnished episoded 5 I loved it ^__^
9) made my own font

and yeah thats about it...

random uh...thing...

Ami: *is sucking on her Kuranma action figure's head*
Kashin: why are you sucking on Kuranma's head?
Ami: because I can
Kashin: how would you like it if he was sucking on you head
Ami: do you think if he was here to do that I'd care
Kashin: point

okay I'll visit sites now..bye!

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