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Monday, October 30, 2006


+ Don't send me chain letters.
+ Don't ask me for help unless I know you.
+ No stealing or theives allowed around here.
+ No flaming or discrimination permitted.



Coding -karumi
Brushes - x//x//x//
Images -Kubo Taito


Hello and welcome to my site! Karumichan does not add people anymore, she has too much to do. I'm here for the people on my friends list. But, feel free to sign the guestbook anyways. Please only pm me if you have an important question, no chatty stuff unless I know you well. Otherwise I'll ignore you.



Good morning! I'm in class right now, and had time to post so I am. Haven't been on much, sorry. Can't say I can visit anyone since I'm swamped in hw. ;_; They keep piling it up even though I'm trying to stay on top of it, then theres all the stupid term projects and essays due soon on top of that. I'm turning into a little hw hermit who never comes out of her room. ;_;

Can't wait till semester ends.

Oh yeah, tomorrows Halloween, so happy halloween. =] I have a halloween card on devi if you wanna look, but I won't submit it here since I can't right a big enough description to explain it. *stabs character limit*

Well, sorry I haven't been visiting. I must go now. v_v
-k >3<

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