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Friday, September 29, 2006


+ Don't send me chain letters.
+ Don't ask me for help unless I know you.
+ No stealing or theives allowed around here.
+ No flaming or discrimination permitted.



Coding -karumi
Brushes - x//x//x//
Images -Kubo Taito


Hello and welcome to my site! Karumichan does not add people anymore, she has too much to do. I'm here for the people on my friends list. But, feel free to sign the guestbook anyways. Please only pm me if you have an important question, no chatty stuff unless I know you well. Otherwise I'll ignore you.



Haven't been on in awhile have I? Well, I don't really have much to say, so I don't want to bore anyone. But, I am alive. Still lots of HW and stuff.

Did I ever mention I have a license now? Yay.
Other then doing HW I've been watching Ergo Proxy thanks to Hinaru. It's good. And today I'm gonna try and work on some art.

Now your all updated on my exciting life. =)


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