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Thursday, September 14, 2006


+ Don't send me chain letters.
+ Don't ask me for help unless I know you.
+ No stealing or theives allowed around here.
+ No flaming or discrimination permitted.



Coding -karumi
Brushes - x//x//x//
Images -Kubo Taito


Hello and welcome to my site! Karumichan does not add people anymore, she has too much to do. I'm here for the people on my friends list. But, feel free to sign the guestbook anyways. Please only pm me if you have an important question, no chatty stuff unless I know you well. Otherwise I'll ignore you.



Ladeeda for me. ^3^ My Compostion class was cancelled today so I have a day off. Or so I thought, until I was told I have to be at the DMV at 7:30 in the mornin. =0 At least the class I wouldv'e had was an afternoon one. But hey, I got out of math class 40 minutes early both times this week, so thats somethin cool.
I got all my homework done in two days! I'm happy. I've worked non stop, yes, pity meee. Jus kidding...I could procrastinate, but I refuse.

I'll make a point to get on here and visit people this weekend too.

[And yes, Jangalian, I'll see what I can do, though I need to test my theory to see if I can do it without messing the myo layout up. Never tried it before with out making an entirely new layout.]

Ja for now everbody!

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