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Sunday, August 27, 2006


+ Don't send me chain letters.
+ Don't ask me for help unless I know you.
+ No stealing or theives allowed around here.
+ No flaming or discrimination permitted.



Coding -karumi
Brushes - x//x//x//
Images -Kubo Taito


Hello and welcome to my site! Karumichan does not add people anymore, she has too much to do. I'm here for the people on my friends list. But, feel free to sign the guestbook anyways. Please only pm me if you have an important question, no chatty stuff unless I know you well. Otherwise I'll ignore you.



*sighs* My last free day. And I hate Sundays. ;_; I got up at 6am though, so hopefully I'll be tired tonight.

Sooo, I read DeathNote 7. I have to say at that "part" I was pretty happy it wasn't the other guy.
But eventually it will happen in de end probably...Still my fav manga though.

Oo, I bought a jacket with furryness on it yesterday. *random* It's still like 110 out, but I love jackets. ^^;


Duo-chan: What is this calling you speak of? >.>
Okay, okay, I'll try.

Elves: We don't know if we're keeping it or not. It's a bit annoying.

Hinaru: Oh wow, it is. xD I shouldve known, since it's my fav va. (He talks so little) No wonder I liked him so much, hahah. And yeah, bad ending. I was reading though all this stuff about it, and supposedly it goes way further into the story(maybe in the manga, but theres only 5 out now) And Tres, and The Duchess join The Orden after AX is gone, and theres a bunch of other cool characters we don't see in the anime. Maybe I'll get the manga too...

Welp, I think I shall update on the weekends from now on, unless something happens, and I feel like updating sooner.

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