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Saturday, August 26, 2006


+ Don't send me chain letters.
+ Don't ask me for help unless I know you.
+ No stealing or theives allowed around here.
+ No flaming or discrimination permitted.



Coding -karumi
Brushes - x//x//x//
Images -Kubo Taito


Hello and welcome to my site! Karumichan does not add people anymore, she has too much to do. I'm here for the people on my friends list. But, feel free to sign the guestbook anyways. Please only pm me if you have an important question, no chatty stuff unless I know you well. Otherwise I'll ignore you.



I've been so distracted from here lately! SOrry. I said I'd visit more but I didn't. Lots to do. Still need to go shoppin for stuff and schools Monday. *dies* I dun wanna go.

We have a new doggy! Not really, actually my mom saved it. My cat chased it down the street. xD I swear, devil cat. The dog is twice as big, and still gets attacked by my little kitty. Then we put it in our backyard for the night, and our other kitty puffs up like a pomeranian and starts stalking it around trying to chase it out of the yard. xD

I finished Trinity Blood. I was slightly disappointed. Didn't like the ending, and the main guy Abel was way to much like Vash the Stampede.
Although it was fun to analyze. Now I'm wondering if the two Crusniks names being Abel and Cain is just flowery allusions, or that Abel will eventually get killed by cain like in the bible. But do we find out? No. Stupid ending.
My favorite character was the personality lacking machine Tres/Gunslinger. Who cares if he's a machine, he's hot, a preist, and shoots things to hell. *extremelyshallow* xD Kampfer was kinda cool, although I think he was supposed to represent a Nazi(he looked like one...)

Okay, I talked to much....
I wonder if I'll have time be here alot in the future. I don't know how much work I'll have. TT.TT

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