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Saturday, May 8, 2004

The leader of the pack, if he does the job he
expects to get the rewards. If he don't know
you, he's stone hard with emotions, otherwise
he doesn't try to show it, but he cares. He's
extremely strong and nothing is to big of an
obsticle for him.

What FF7 char are you??
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>_< I'm Cloud?
The day you went back to your house was the day you
made your final decision.. the one you want to
be with.. And you chose Haiiro. Although you
let Kirune-ra and Ih'kuaren down, you still
remained close friends. Ih'kuaren is working as
a pediatrion, and Kirune-ra is attending your
school. For some reason, they don't seem to
mind him being a demon.. And as for you and
Haiiro? Heh, well you two are so deeply in love
you know you'll always be with each other.

would an angel, demon, or pure evil fall for you 10 (final chapter)
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