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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm so proud of myself. I actually wore a skirt to school on Friday and I haven't worn one to school in about 5 years. One of my friends said that it ment that the end of the world has come. XD

Well, on Monday my dad was going to pick my friend and I up from school later the usual. It started to rain really hard and water started to get all over the concrete near the street. There was this ant that was trying to find it's way out of the water, but it was surrounded on all sides. I thought that it would be fun to save the ant from certain death so I took a red pen and got it to crawl onto it. Then I threw it into the grass where I thought it would be safe. But, my friend pointed out that it was in the rain and probably had a few broken legs. So, I actually didn't save the ant at all... XD

Later on when the rain started to come down less hard, I went out into it because my ADHD meds were wearing off. These two black guys come walking up out of no where and start to yell at me for no reason besides to be rude. I then proceeded to taunt them..., but I was joking the whole time though they didn't realize it. XD

Oh, my friend and I also made up a song too, though I can't remember all the words to it.

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