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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Well, I almost fell asleep Thursday during my violin lessons. I am so happy that my teacher did not notice or else she would have been all mean. She actually thought I did a wonderful job today even though I screwed up on a simple song. Since I did not pay attention to the stupid sharps, I kept playing the wrong notes. Another thing that is horrible about me is that I do not pay attention to details. I hate it. I messed up on such an easy piece just because I did not pay attention.

On the other hand, I helped my dad put together a bookcase on Thursday (Damn it was so heavy). My old one was getting too old and worn out. My parents are proud of me because I am actually helping them around the house now. Even though I am so tired all the time. I even organized my bookcase on my own. Talk about something I have never done before. XD

Friday I saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." That movie was hilarious and was better than the other movie. Johnny Depp did an awesome job as Willy Wonka. I was so surprised that he actually looked kind of hot in as him. When you think of Willy Wonka you think of some ugly crack head who happens to be good at inventing candy. Anyways, I enjoyed the humor in it and the fact that Willy could not say parents. XD

The little dolls were so adorable on fire.

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