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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Preview of another story taking place:
I'm starting to write, with the permission of Matt (poo62), a side story to his story which he has been writing for quite some time. It will most likely connect to his story sooner or later, so I hope you enjoy the preview to it.

Karasukurama had never known her real parents, or even her heritage for that matter. All she knew was that she had always been alone. That is, until she met Matt and Shadowlight. If she hadn't of met them, she would probably still be alone to this day.

She was already wavering between light and dark, good and evil, but when she met them, Karasukurama was able to fight the darkness that threatened to consume her. But, justwhe she was about to break away fromthis evil, Matt knocked both her and Shadowlight out and sent them away. All but seemingly abandoning both of the young women forever.

Slowly the darkness seeped back into Karasukurama, who was blind to the unknown dangers that lied within her. Her plant powers were slowly starting to become harder to control. It was as if Karasukurama's powers were slowly mutating into something much worse and deadly.

She never noticed though. All she and Shadowlight could think about was wondeering if Matt was doing okay against the evil Necro boss. They both were hoping he would make it back safely to Earth....

To be continued sometime sooner or later.^_^;;

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