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Sunday, December 12, 2004

   meh.. a rant...
Okay, I am going to not be as obsessed with the show Naruto and more obsessed with my all time favorite show Gundam Wing. First of all Here is a list of my top 10 list of favorite characters.
1.Duo Maxwell
2.Quatre Winner
3.Hiiro Yuy
4.Chang Wufei
5.Trowa Barton
6.Zechs Merquise
7.Treize Kushrenada
Alex only appears in one episode. Warning Relena bashing ahead:
Okay, there is only one character I truelly hate in Gundam Wing, that character is Relena Peacecraft. First of all, she stalks Hiiro. Second off, she is a hypocrite because she says she is a pacifist yet she held a gun to a womans face. Thirdly, for anyone who thinks Hiiro likes her. The stupid bear she got from him could have been a good luck present not an "I love you" gift. The only reason Hiiro puts up with her is because that she most likely reminded him of that girl and her dog.

A few days ago, I noticed that in one of the episodes on the 2nd Gundam Wing Dvd had Relena meeting up with Hiiro. I know this may not seem weird, but Hiiro was supposedly in another part of the world and never told Relena where he was going. Now, how could Relena have found him if she had no clue where he was. I wonder...

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