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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Yah I have had over 100 people visit my ultra boring site. I am so suprised.
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Friday, February 27, 2004

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Does anyone know where to get Angel Sanctuary graphics? If so please don't hesitate to tell me ^_^
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This pic is from X

Another image

A sailormoon pic

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I have a lot to do to day, so I may not be able to update my site that much.
Well today is a multipule theme day.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Your H.I.D.D.E.N Emotion.You have the hidden
emotion meaning your hiding your feeling from
the world.You look normal, you act
normal.People see you as a happy person.When
inside you suffering of depression.You hide
this feeling because you don't wont you
family,friends to worry about you.Likkke me ,I
hide my feeling of sad,lonely and

what's your level in emotion? UPDATED!!!,GREAT PICS
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<<>>???What Kind Of Angel R You???<<>>( Anime Pics )

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I am so bored

Duo is so hot

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what should tomorrows theme be
Your twisted mind has you trying to stop the one
who has been destined to bring an end to your
evil ways...you feel as though your life has
been shattered and now you must fade away and
become something great, to stop the one who
shattered all your hopes...but instead you
turned out to be the one who is evil...You
don't really have anyone that is beside you,
which makes you feel alone at times, wishing
you could have been something more...

What Type Of Anime Character are you?
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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Here is a poem I wrote today at school


Starring out the window
pain down my chest
Makes me want to scream out loud
but I know I can't
Always sitting at that window
with nothing to do
Life goes on in circles
If I break a single pattern
then I might die in pain
So I am stuck sitting
at that window again
Until life leaves me,
And death is my friend
Starring out the window
once again

Please tell me how you like it.

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Meet Your Inner Vampire by efui
Your name :
Age :298
Weaknesses :You can't cross running water. You strongly dislike the smell of garlic, but it doesn't damage you.
Special powers :Postcognition - you see flashes of past.
Place of residence :The catacombs of Rome.
Feeding habits :You always kill your victims.
Appearance :You hide your face with a mask of a sad clown and take it off only before biting someone. Your hair is simple, short and dark brown.
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Thia is exactly what I wanted.
My Life as an Anime Character by Shirono
Your Name
Your Gender (m/f)
Series TitleSuper Girls
Series TypeShounen- Action
You area vampire
You havea mecha
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Anime Wedding! by Yasuragi
Give us a name
BrideToboe (Wolf's Rain)
GroomNaruto (Naruto)
Best ManFreyr (MaLoKi)
married for (?) years71
Reason for divorce?Groom wanted too much Sex
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Your Anime Life by kazoku
Your username
Gross income of creators$5,687,880
Your roleSidekick
Your secretYou are the one chosen by fate to save the world from the one chosen by fate to destroy the world.
Will you save the world?No, you croak half-way through the last battle.
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I die...cool!!
Your Anime Profile! by WhiteBlaze
Your Name
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorMidnight Blue
GenreSci Fi
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