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Sunday, February 29, 2004

who cares
I am not really a yaoi fan but, do you really thank the Gundam boys are gay. I hate Relena Peacecrft, everyone who watches the show should know that she stalks Heero and that Heero doesn't like her, he probably only feel sorry for her.

Here are some yaoi picks, if you don't know what yaoi is, and this is probably the only time I will ever show yaoi pics on my site, but I am talking about Gundam Wing and I know a lot of people believe that some of the people in Gundam Wnig are "unstrait"

This is a 1x2x1 image

This is a 3x4x3 image

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Today's theme thanks to poo62, yet again, is Gundam Wing, my favoritise show in the whole universe, I have the Complete Operartions, DVD box set, the Endless Waltz DVD, an original Japanese Gundam Wing Operation2 CD, and three Gundam Wing mangas, as well as over 300 images of the characters.
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You're Element is Night. You're a loner who is very
creative but never show your work to anyone.
You may smile a little but sadness or
loneliness surround you and other can feel it
when they're near you. You have a dark or
unusual beauty that makes you mysterious and
you probably have a lot of secrets that you've
never told anyone. You're beauty is intriging
and unorthidox but the real thing that makes
you special is your eyes. Something in them
makes them like "Diamonds in the

What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)
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What kind of Vampire would you be? by bastardlove
What is your real name?
What is your sex?
Bloodline-Very Rare Day Walker
Clan-Ufficio,Political Power houses
Bloodlust-Virgin, not 1 kill
Style-Victorian, wig head.
Dark gift-The ability to fly
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

So what is your favorite Tenchi Muyo! character? Mine is Sasami.

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Alchemy of love
Here is a Tenchi Muyo! song
Alchemy of Love

Come to you across the divide
looking out a wrinkle in time
there is nothing less I would do
than to stand up for truth

In the cold dark ways
of this lonely place
I will warm you, hold you

*****A gold shield glistens
and your breath quickens
I stand close by over you

*Two hands held strong and sure with
the power of one
reach out past the walls
that can hold you

**We are guardians and warriors
come form somewhere to mind
what creates you and shapes
the Alchemy of Love

***There is a chain of light
out across the endless skies
and I see the energy that
relfects me in your eyes
and keeps us both alive
and keeps us both alive

Evening and the shadows will come
to destroy what we have done
but always will the power of love
shine a light bright as the sun

****When the cold dark waves on
the shores break
I am around you, found you
A gold sword fires and night expires
a long night surrounding you

* Repeat
** Repeat
*** Repeat
**** Repeat
***** Repeat
{Repeat * and ** twice}

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Which character from Tenchi Muyo! are you?
brought to you by Quizillahhhh
You are Sakura!!!!! You are the shy schoolgirl that
tenchi meets in Tokyo. Tenchi and you fall
absoulty in love. But The girls back home keep
getting in the way. You have a mysterious past
and people have trouble understanding you. At
least you go tenchi to keep you safe.

What Tenchi Muyo Girl are you?
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Your wings are BROKEN and tattered. You are
an angelic spirit who has fallen from grace for
one reason or another - possibly, you made one
tragic mistake that cost you everything. Or
maybe you were blamed for a crime you didn't
commit. In any case, you are faithless and
joyless. You find no happiness, love, or
acceptance in your love or in yourself. Most
days are a burden and you wonder when the
hurting will end. Sweet, beautiful and
sorrowful, you paint a tragic and touching
picture. You are the one that few understand.
Those that do know you are likely to love you
deeply and wish that they could do something to
ease your pain. You are constantly living in
memories of better times and a better world.
You are hard on yourself and self-critical or
self-loathing. Feeling rejected and unloved,
you are sensitive, caring, deep, and despite
your tainted nature, your soul is
breathtakingly beautiful.

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
brought to you by Quizilla

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Here is a poem I wrote today at school


Starring out the window
pain down my chest
Makes me want to scream out loud
but I know I can't
Always sitting at that window
with nothing to do
Life goes on in circles
If I break a single pattern
then I might die in pain
So I am stuck sitting
at that window again
Until life leaves me,
And death is my friend
Starring out the window
once again

Please tell me how you like it

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Today's theme is, thanks to poo62 again isTenchi Muyo!

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hey people does anyone know how to shrink an image so that you can put it on the fanart thing, if so please tell me.
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