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Sunday, March 7, 2004

You are...a shrine.
You are...a shrine!

You're the ultimate source of information
for your favorite anime. User-friendly
and brightly colored, each shrine
manages to maintain its own identity while
still clearly belonging to theOtaku. Lately
you've been taking a back seat to all
the hype about myOtaky, but don't worry--you'll
still be holding strong when the novelty
of that has died down.

Which theOtaku site are you?
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<a href=Sohma Ayame">
Sohma Ayame

Which member of the Sohma family are you? (Fruits Basket)
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This image is kinda cute!!!

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Li Shaoran
Li Shaoran

Li Shaoran (?) is a transfer student from Hong Kong, who came to Sakura's school in December. His birthday is July 13, and his blood type is O.

Shaoran likes gym and math class.

He came to Japan to look for the clow cards, and figured out right away that Sakura was the one who had the cards. Shaoran is from the Li family, who is related to the mother of Clow Reed, the magician who made the clow cards.

Shaoran fell in love with Yukito, but he also likes Sakura.

Shaoran's voice is done by Kumai Motoko.

He is also my favorite character!!!

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Today's Theme
Today's theme thanks to luicifers wife is,CardCaptors

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   What should todays theme be
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Saturday, March 6, 2004

This is the main character of the show

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Big O
Forty years ago, a mysterious world wide event happened that eliminated all memories from prior to that point. From this completely blank start, man began to re-build. With no knowledge of even how to operate machinery or use electricity, the process was slow. Eventually man did regain this knowledge and elements of society such as industry and agriculture began to resume. However, the common hole in all of mankind’s thoughts remained, the world that had existed before the memories were lost was nothing more than a vague figure in the shadows. Nobody even knew if man had brought this disaster upon himself.

Slowly, society began to resume itself on a new path. Some things proved they never change as politicians and industrial leaders once again assumed control of the sub-net of the known world, pulling the strings of the marionettes to make the outcomes of whatever situation they pleased be in favor of them. The central nexus of power, known to all as the Paradigm Group, controls virtually ever aspect of the city that has become man's last bastion of hope. From Paradigm, this group extends its hands to control much of what’s left of mankind. Full of dark ally ways and empty buildings, the city itself is nothing more than a re-animated corpse lacking any form of a soul. Deep beneath the city the ruins of the subway system still remain, a large part of it intact. The deeper one travels the more advanced the technology used in the subways become. Yet, nobody uses the subways anymore. Most are scared of what they might find down there, most are scared they'll find answers they're not ready for.

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how do I shrink fanart that are to large for the fanart section of theOtaku.
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Extroverted (E) 54.05% Introverted (I) 45.95%
Imaginative (N) 77.42% Realistic (S) 22.58%
Emotional (F) 66.67% Intellectual (T) 33.33%
Easygoing (P) 77.42% Organized (J) 22.58%
Your type is: ENFP
You are an Inspirer, possible professions include - conference planner, speech pathologist, HR development trainer, ombudsman, clergy, journalist, newscaster, career counselor, housing director, character actor, marketing consultant, musician/composer, artist, information-graphics designer, human resource manager, merchandise planner, advertising account manager, dietitian/nutritionist, speech pathologist, massage therapist, editor/art director.
Take Free Career Inventory Personality Test.

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