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Wednesday, May 5, 2004

   I am not getting a lot of time to update my site, I am sorry everyone. Gomen!!!!!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2004

What should today's theme be?

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Monday, May 3, 2004

Today's theme, thanks to my friend dark sephiroth is Rurouni Kenshin!!!

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Useless information!!!^_^v
One time at my school library, my friend wanted a copy of some information. Well neither me or our other friend had any American money( typical me, always broke haha)but our other friend had brought some yen and another type of coin, don't really know why he did. Anyways, they asked me if I would try to see if the other coin would work. Well it did, but the copy machine didn't have anymore paper so the coin got stuck in the machine, haha.
NOTE: Before this they asked me to try to see if a one yen coin worked, it was to light, don't rightly know why I tried it anyways.

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What should today's theme be?

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Sunday, May 2, 2004

here is my story

The Cursed Jewel

“Come back here, you won’t get away,” a Meiji soldier(1) hollered as he pursued a group of cloaked men.

“Just watch us, Meiji scum!” the cloaked figure, who must have been the leader, (since he was at the front, leading the others) snarled.

“Up ahead, there are more soldiers,” one of the cloaked men piped up.

“Everyone, take out your weapons. Don’t leave any of those stupid Meiji soldiers alive!”

“Legato... I mean sir, aren’t we out numbered by...,” one of the men shuttered.

“Don’t ever question my leadership over the Gung-ho Guns again!!” an angry Legato growled, as he pointed his Nihontou(2) at the unsuspecting man.

Since he was obviously new to the Gung-ho Guns, Legato spared him, but only after warning the young man to never defy him again. The young man, who must have been overly grateful, almost passed out after Legato had spared his life.

“Thank you sir, I will never question you again!” the grateful man cried in glee.

“Next time , when we steal a diamond like this ‘Hope’ Diamond,” Legato sneered,” you won’t be so lucky if you question me, or screw up the ‘mission’!” The young man cringed though, when he saw Legato starring daggers at him, ”Now, lets start fighting, before the soldiers decide to attack us first.”

“Yes, sir!!!!” all of the cloaked figures said in unison.

Legato, sat on his large bed, in the Gung-ho Guns secret hide-out. He was reflecting on the events of the night before.

“Ugh!” another Meiji soldier had let out a blood curling scream of pain. Legato had yet again killed another soldier, this time by puncturing one of his lungs, wildly laughing as the blood sluiced down the gaping down the dying soldiers chest.

“We have disposed of all of the soldiers!” announced one of Legato’s men.

“Master?” a small frightened voice questioned.

“What is it Quatre?” Legato said, glaring at the small aquamarine eyed boy who had short, fluffy, light blonde, almost white hair.

“Midvalley... he t, t, told me that you needed to see me,” the small boy stuttered through his shaking lips. Legato could just barely confirm, through the dimly lit room, that his young slave was shaking in fright, despite his obvious attempts not to show his fright.

“Midvalley, that good for nothing creep...”

“Mast ... Master?” Quatre’s blue eyes glinting in fear, as he watched ‘Master’ Legato come closer and closer to his small shadowed figure.

Legato had an evil grin on his face,”What?” Legato mocked, still having the same grin an his pale face,”is my little Quat, or should I say my ‘Little’ One scared?”

The blonde starred at Legato in terror,”No master, I’m not scared!” the small youth in front of Legato stuttered, knowing he was taking a huge risk by talking back to his master.


“Let me remind you my slave, that I will command you to do whatever I want you to do. That includes what you say to me and the way you say it!” Legato harshly growled through clinched teeth.
“Yes, master, should I leave now?”

“No, I’ll take Midvalley’s punishment out on you!”Legato quickly spat. ”Anything you want to ask, it won’t make the punishment any worse than it already is.”

“Yes, I know,”Quatre quietly whimpered,”Why did Mr. Midvalley send me here?”

“He wanted to get the Blue Diamond we stole from the Meiji government. He thought, since you are one of my most trusted slaves, that you could persuade me into giving the diamond to him, pet. Although, if he had told you that is what he wanted( the Hope Diamond), Midvalley knew you, my pet, would tell me right away. That would mean, he would have to die for betraying the Gung-ho Guns,”Legato murmured through a smile that was forced.

“He lied to me...,”sniffed Quatre,”no one has ever done that to me before!”Now, Quatre’s eyes were watering.

Legato watched his little slave being mentally beaten. His harvest gold eyes softened in pity as Quatre, fell to his boney knees, with his eyes flooded with tears.

“Sorry, master,”Quatre said between sobs,”I know how you hate it when people cry!.”

“It’s okay, Quatre, you have a reason to cry,”soothed Legato, trying to give his slave a small smile.
“Thank you, Master!”

Legato kneeled down, pulling the teary eyed youth before into a warm, but tight embrace. Pulling away, the black haired master managed to recall the punishment he had given his slave.

A shadow appeared outside of the now sleeping(except the drunker that was walking, muttering something about love and peace), city of Tokyo. Slowly a feminine figure came into the ‘almost’ empty streets, watching the booze hound with keen shadowed eyes. Her hand at her side was ready to grab her Tachi Warrior(3) if the drunken red coated, idiot decided to cause trouble. Adjusting her oversized blueish, black kimono, she stated,”I will get that diamond no matter what!”

“Hello,are you the woman that I talked to at the Teannaki(4)?” a strange male voice inquired.

“Yes,” the obviously confused young woman returned,”I guess I am. That would probably mean that you are that Latin man who wanted me to get something for him. You also made sure to tell me, that if I got it, you would pay me a behemothic amount of yen(5)!” the young adolescent continued with a smug smirk playing across her obscured face.
She turned her head to make sure that the drunkard wasn’t listening in on the pair’s conversation, only to watch a red trench coat evaporate into an official looking building. The building was like a giant; its towering shadow covered everything within a 50 ft. radius. That must be the main headquarters of the Meiji government(6), the girl thought.

“Excuse me,”the man snapped as he came out of his hiding place,”when we first met, I didn’t quite get your name. Could you please tell me what it was again?”

“My name? My name is Okashii!”the slightly bewildered Okashii retorted, ”and you said your name was Trowa, right?”

“That is correct,” Trowa prompted.

“Now where is the Hope Diamond located Mr. Trowa?” Okashii questioned, noticing the man before her had wonderful jade green eyes. Tilting her head up to see the taller man before her, Okashii noticed the unibang he had, covering one of those beautiful green eyes.

“The Diamond is located within the secret base of the Gung-ho Guns!” Trowa started, ”Do not fear, though, someone in the Gung-ho Guns can help you. That is, if you want to hurt a scrawny little blonde who is of the age of fifteen.”
“Whatever, just give me the exact location to wherever that blonde lives!” Okashii anxiously growled, rubbing her fingers over the silver blade in her blue sash.

“One problem,”Trowa confessed, ”he is a slave. To be more precise, the slave of Legato, the leader of the Gung-ho Guns.”

“Then how am I to get the Hope Diamond back from these people?” Okashii hollered.



Trowa took that ‘hn’ as a ‘what’ or a ‘yes’, and continued, ”The only way you can get the jewel back for me is to actually join the Gung-ho Guns. Oh,and if you believe in curses, the Diamond is rumored to be cursed!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful, and even if I do believe in curses, I don’t believe in this one,” chuckled Okashii.

Trowa came closer to the reddish, brown haired girl. Towering over her, he whispered,”Bring back the slave, Quatre, alive and unharmed. He’s one of my best friends. The Gung-ho Guns kidnapped him about three or four years ago when he was only twelve. Unfortunately, I couldn't go after them, since they rendered me unconscious.”

Okashii nodded her head vigorously in response.

“Mr. Legato, someone’s here to see you,” a man with a long face announced, fear lingering in his wary voice.

“Send him in,” glared Legato.


“Now,”barked Legato.

The man practically ran to the wooden doors letting in the small visitor. While making his way out,he harshly bumped into the stranger.

“Hello, Mr. Legato. I’ve come to ask you a favor,” the small stranger murmured.

“What is the favor Mr....,”the man with black hair harshly spat.

“To join the Gung-ho Guns, and my name is Okashii,” Okashii boldly stated, flipping back the blue hood of her cloak, letting the whole dark, sparsely furnished room know that she was in fact a young woman.

Taking out his Nihontou, he howled, ”Who sent you?”

He took a stab at her, but she gracefully dodged what would have been a fatal blow. She finally got him to believe that no one sent her, and he admitted her into the Gung-ho Guns.

“To prove you are a worthy member of this group, you will have to kill another member in this gang,” Legato slyly smirked.

“Okay, who do I get to kill?” questioned Okashii, eagerly. Her eyes were huge with anticipation. ‘Maybe,’ she thought, ’I can get some information from the one I fight, but only before I kill him.’

“You will be up against Midvalley,” answered Legato.

‘Up against a little girl I see; this is an insult, ’thought Midvalley as he drew out his steel switch blade.

“Midvalley, I should warn you, my Tachi Warrior has killed many men under my manipulation,” confidently stated Okashii.

“Stop acting,”Midvalley scoffed ignoring Okashii’s confident words. ”I know you are here for the the Diamond, but you see, I’m going to get that “Cursed Jewel” from Legato’s slave. Even if I have to kill you and the slave beforehand.

“No you aren’t!” Okashii hissed, as she rapidly, lunged at Midvalley.

Midvalley dodged the blow with ease and kicked Okashii square in the gut. Slowly, Okashii got up, managing to elude his blade’s taste.

She swung her Tachi at him and actually grazed the smooth tan skin on Midvalley's left dimple. Blood started to seep out of the small injury and slid down his cheek. His eyes hardened into black orbs, filled with malice for his young opponent.

“Now, I’m done playing! Now, Okashii let Shinigami take his scythe to your head and accept death!”Midvalley roared, Letting everyone know his anger.

“Atashi, zettai ni ishi, kesshite chikayoru Shinigami(7)!” bellowed Okashii.

“Shinu(8)!” screamed Midvalley, and with that, he lunged at her.

Moving out of the way, she forgot about her Tachi and kicked him hard, in his lean side, near his well built stomach. Midvalley quickly recovered from the side blow and wandered over to where Okashii was standing. He was about to make the final blow, but suddenly felt a huge amount of pain in his chest. Looking down he noticed that one Tachi Warrior was in it.

‘So this is death. I thought it would be less painful,’ thought Midvalley with silent tears sliding down his thin face. He looked down at Okashii and forced a smile. Then, he slid to his knees, clutching his blood soaked chest. He slumped to the floor, in a pool of his own blood, blank eyes staring towards the brown colored bamboo door. His eyes would never show life again.

“Hello, my master told me to come get you,”whimpered a small, frightened voice.

Okashii turned around, showing a surprised, but full grin,”Hi, you must be Quatre!” she greeted him, recovering from the shock of the blonde’s sudden appearance. ”Trowa said that I would find you here!” Okashii excitedly grinned.
Officer Gizmo sat at his small desk. He picked up a glinting red dart and threw it at his target on the other side of the cramped room. “Get that Diamond back!” he murmured, looking at a shadowed figure on the other side of the room.

Gizmo was looking at a tall, lanky blonde man, with a mole near his left eye. He wore a red trench coat that went down to his heavy, light brown boots. He had shimmering, turquoise blue eyes.

“I’ll get the Diamond back, I promise! The only thing is I’m not gonna kill people, even if the Gung-ho Guns want to kill me!” the man politely replied.

“Mr. Vash, the only thing you have to do is get the Diamond back!” the Commander told the man called Vash, for the one-hundredth time.
“Did you say Trowa?” Quatre timidly asked.

“Yah I did,” Okashii answered flashing the slave a smile as they walked down a ‘Black Hole’ known as the dark, damp, hallway. ”Please don’t tell Legato this, but Trowa asked me to get you and the Diamond back.”

“I wont, don’t worry,” reassured Quatre. “I’ll even tell you where it is.”

“Thank you, Quatre!”

‘This was easier than I thought it would be,’ thought Okashii.

“Any ways, the Hope Diamond is in Master Legato’s room!” Quatre continued , noticing the frustration on her face. “Don’t worry, though. He placed it, on a shelf so that everyone who enters his room sees it.”

“Slave, fly to your Master and tell him someone has breached the first floor, Now!” one of the Gung-ho Guns men shouted as he ran past Quatre and Okashii. He pointed at Okashii, ”Go with him, make sure he doesn’t try to escape!”

“Let us hurry, Quat!” Okashii excitedly commanded, ”this is our chance to get the Hope Diamond, that I have heard has unimaginable beauty.”

“Yes it is beautiful! Legato’s room is just a few doors away after we make that left turn!” Quatre managed to say between heavy breaths as he pointed to a room no more than one tenth of a mile away.

Just then a man broke through the wooden tile above the two unsuspecting youths, ”Do you happen to where that nice Diamond is? I don’t want to hurt you, so please tell me where it is,” the man begged, practically groveling at their feet.

“Sorry, I’ll be the one to get the Diamond back!” Okashii growled getting in front of Legato’s slave, even though he was taller than her. Then the two started to walk away.

“Please, please, pleeeaasssee show me where the big, big beautiful Diamond is!” the man who had blonde hair and turquoise eyes cried, hanging onto both Okashii’s and Quatre’s ankles.

“Fine, follow us!” sighed the young woman, her eyes showing that she was annoyed. “By the way, what is your name?”

“My name is ...” the the blonde stranger started in a deep voice while making the same poses that Hercules made”... drum roll please... Vash... the... Stampede!!”

“Whatever,”Okashii muttered, rolling her hazel eyes, ”Quat,are we there yet?”

“Here we are Miss!”Quatre exclaimed in a low tone.

Just then the door opened, ”My slave, I see you have betrayed your master! I guess I’ll have to retrain you to obey me an...,” the all to familiar voice yelled.

“Don’t, yell at a growing boy like that,” Vash harshly bellowed, finally acting seriously.

“You,” Legato snarled unsheathing his Nihontou,”don’t tell me what to do with my slave!” With that, he skillfully lunged at Vash. Vash almost tried his first taste of the sliverish blade.

Vash took out his Tiger Katana(9) and defended himself against the next blow. Seeing his chance, Vash flew over to Legato wanting to pin him to the ground.

He succeeded, and held his katana up to the clearly frightened face of Legato, ”You two,” called Vash, ”get the Diamond.”
“Okay!” Okashii replied, heading for the partially opened door, ”Come on Quatre.”

Quatre was standing there with fright in his eyes,”I’m coming,”he stuttered.

Walking into Legato’s room, they saw the Diamond. It was on a shelf in the middle of the wall in the back of the room. Quatre grabbed the Hope Diamond and handed it to Okashii.

Walking out of the room they saw that Legato was begging not to be killed.

“I’m not gonna kill you, but I have orders to arrest you!”Vash smiled while he tied thick ropes around Legato’s hands and ankles.
Okashii took Quatre back to his old home. They were surprised to see Trowa sitting on the small bed with Quatre’s other friends, making the bed touch the floor.

“Did you get the Diamond back?”Trowa asked anxiously.

“No sorry, the government has it,” Okashii answered.

“Oh well, at least you got Quat back,” Trowa sighed as he embraced Quatre, who now had been hugged a good number of times already.

“Don’t worry about it.”
Vash gave the Hope Diamond to Commander Gizmo, ”Here you go. Where are the rewards you promised me?”

“Over there!” Gizmo responded holding back his laughter.

“Mmmm,”Vash murmured taking a bite out of a hot brown donut, ” This is good! They’re still warm too, and, and!” Vash let out a sigh, ”gone!”

Gizmo laughed, ”200 donuts in 7 minutes that is your new record!”
“Thanks so much, come by anytime!” Quatre hollered out the wooden sliding door.

“I will, don’t worry!” Okashii yelled back.
OKashii thought, ’Finally, that is over.’ Secretly she knew she found a town she could live in, that didn’t chase her out because she killed someone.

Quatre knew that she wasn’t lying when she said she was going to come to his house again. As he watched her form evaporate in the distance he silently thanked her for all she had done for Trowa, his friends, and him. He also remembered how she had given Vash the Diamond, and probably saved someone their job.

“I’ll see you soon, Quatre whispered.
Disclaimer- I do not own any of the characters from Gundam Wing(Quatre and Trowa) and Trigun(Vash and Legato) another company does, so don’t sue.

1-Meiji soldier is someone who fights for the Meiji Government
2-Nihontou is a Japanese sword
3-Tachi Warrior is another Japanese sword
4-Teannaki is a teahouse I made up
5-yen is the Japanese currency
6-Meiji government is the government that ruled over Japan around 1860
7-that means I, absolutely will, by no means approach Shinigami
8-it means Die
9-Tiger Katana is another Japanese sword

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I am going to post a story I wrote one my site.
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What should today's theme be? I will repeat one I have already done if necessary.

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.:just warming up:.
what's the title of the anime you like most?:Gundam Win
give at least 5 characters:Quatre, Trowa, Duo, Zech, Treize, Alex, Mueller, Heero, Wufei, Dekim, etc.
when did you watched it?:I have watched it ever since it came out in America
.:the game begins:.
how many episodes are there?:49
how many episodes did you miss?:none
who is the jerk in that anime?:that depends, I think it is Relena cause all the bad guys are cool
when did it started to be shown on air?:1995
how many chapters does it have?:chapters?
.:cooling down:.
do you still liked this anime till now?:yep
do your friends liked it too?:nope
are you gonna leave me because your gonna watch it now?:yep

.:[how much do you know your fav. anime]:. brought to you by BZOINK!

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In exactly one month it will be my birthday, yay. ^_^

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