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Saturday, January 22, 2011


I know being born in a strict straight off Asian family gives me no choice but to abide every Asian rule out there, but, I'm almost at my limit. I work three jobs, go to school full time, do voluntary work, no time to go hang out with my friends and next thing you know. There's a Far*East Movement concert at the SunDance Festival and my mother says she's pissed at me for buying it without her permission. Last time I checked. Every penny I make is mine, I work my fucking ass off, I'm legal, I have rights and you're telling I can't go out and have fun? In Park City, Utah. Seriously? Are you FUCKING serious? I apologize this is an angry blog but seriously. What the fuck? I rarely have time to myself and you're telling me I have NO FUCKING RIGHT to go out and have fun. Some trust. Fuck my fucking life.

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