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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a ramdom poem that i wrote
As I hear this song it become a lie,
As I read this song it becomes a dream,
As a sing this song it comes to life,
As I write this song I begin to think,
This song, I do not know why,
I feel like Iím going to a different world,
Inside my heart this song hurts,
In my mind its wrong,
In my eyes it sorrow,
It hurts,
The pain that I feel inside,
Make this pain go away,
This song,
It causing so many emotions,
For some reason the pain going away,
For some reasons the pain is withering,
Now I feel something else,
This song says more to me that meets the eyes,
Why does this song mean so much to me?
It is not from my father,
It not from my mother,
It is from no other,
It is from me,
This song that I write,
I write with emotion,
I feel this song change my world,
I feel this song coming to the light,
I also feel that this song is going to the darkness,
Why do I keep thinking, reading, singing, and writing this song,
It is because I am lonely,
I want to alone,
In a different world,
Where my song and I can be as one

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

School begins
hey everybody whats up? schools starts and i know that i will be really happy 2 see everyone and i know that sice this will be my last year in high school. i know that this school year will go by fast. i hope that everyone has fun in school and hose that r not in school, hav fun in college. i know that the school years 4 everyone is goin 2 go bt real fast^^
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vacation time!!!!
well i know that i havnt done this in a while....well a long while.lol. im goin on vacation on the 19-26 so i wont be on the computer unless i find 1 in williamburg. well i hope that everbody has a fun week and dont get 2 crazy, i still hav some time.
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Monday, July 16, 2007

   Which one?
hello everybody, well my mom is leting me get another dog and i dont know which one i what? she said that i can get a big dog...make a pitbull or a great dane...something. if anyone has any ideas let me know..... oh and if its a boy i might mane him Kyo or a girl then she whould be Shori
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm sending this to all Anime Lovers...Help us Save Anime!!!

OMG!! Everyone read what this lady sent to George bush about banning anime! It's so stupid!!

Here's the letter she wrote....

To: George Bush
Here in America, we live in a climate of moral decay. What is the cause of this? It is called "anime". Anime is a perverse, evil, insiduous form of animation from the dark land of Japan, and is corrupting America's youth at unprecedented rates. Here are a few examples of anime which are circulating on the Internet and may very well be in your home:
1) Ah My Goddess: A sick and disgusting show which causes children under the age of 18 to think they are capable of love. The main female character is clearly under 18, and is forced into a romantic relationship by an older man who "wishes" for her to be his girlfriend forever. He even KISSES her, and she appears NAKED. That poor girl must be so confused.
2) Love Hina: I'm not even going to mention the unspeakable, disgusting, pedophilic, pornograhpic events which transpire during this show, but suffice it to say, groups of young men on Love Hina-fueled rampages are raping children at a level unheard of since the 60s.
If you are a parent or a decent human being, I urge you to sign this petition to ban all forms of anime in the United States. Anyone who is found in possesion of anime should be arrested and jailed for an exhorbant period of time. Anime is a dark scourge upon our beautiful nation, and we don't need this Japanese filth corrupting the hearts of the children.
As a resonsible Christian, I demand to see this garbage removed from our nation. Please sign this petition and send it to George Bush, your Congressman, and the makers/distributors of anime filth and depravity.
Do the right thing.


The Undersigned

OMG!!! Is that stupid or what?!
For one thing, cartoon network shows anime. If it was really that bad, do u think they would show it? It's a kid channel.
And, Disney has anime also. I mean, howls moving castle, kingdom hearts,etc,
Also, how is ah! My goddess bad? Half of that is false! She does not appear naked!!!
Please spread the news and there is a petition u can sign online to not make Bush ban anime, on this site


I don't think he would because of some stupid ladies letter.
Also, she sounds racist. I mean, she keeps saying dark land Japan? WTF?! Not very Christian like
This is from innocent heart's site and got permission to put this on my site to spread the word. I agree totally with what innocent heart said. That is why I put this up! I hope you feel the same and if you don't then why the heck are you even here!

I mean the small children won't be able to see Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, or Bambi...or any children shows cause there all American Anime.......I'm doing all I can to spread the word about the Petition....

Kairi UJMK

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Friday, June 29, 2007


what you look like as an magical anime being .:girl pics:. .:anime..duh:. by Shisa
Your Name:Raylyn

What Kind Of Magical Anime Girl Are You?(Pretty Anime Pics!) by goddessgirl
Fav. Weapon
magical abilitynature power

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Everending Story: angelic layer

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

   Hello everyone
i know thats it been a while since i posted something. everyone has been so busy with so msny stuff and i know that the same thing with me. the only time that i can get on the computer is when its the middle of the night and i usely but up until 4 am.lol and i now that some of my friends has been mad cause im always working and stuff. well i hope everyone has a better days theni do
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fun day
For today a couple of school friends and i went to Hursheypark. it was really fun, we went on all the rides amd watwe rides, but the most things that we did was play game, like one game that they ppl hav 2 guess ur age or ur weigh. when it was my turn the person didnt get either right, for the age he thought that i was 19, so he was off by 2 years, and he thought that my weight was 130, but im only 119.lol^_^
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Friday, May 11, 2007

   Been a while
hello everyone, i know it been a while since i post anything, school is almost over and the only thing that i hav seen in school is test, test, test. i know if i see another one then im goin to passout. And i also help out a friend that whated to hav a myotaku site, if u want please stop by her site,yumi89. there still is a couple of things that need to be made, but other then that, well hav a nice day everyone^_^
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