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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

We've got to stand strong.
*hugs everyone tightly* I haven't abandoned you! ;___; I haven't! *hugs again*

I was listening to the Fruits Basket opening and it reminded me of the times when I used to sit by the computer all summer and talk to you guys and go on the ToS BSS and.... ;__; I'm really sorry I've been bad about not coming here. I'm really sorry. I care about you guys a lot especalliy those how have stuck with me this whole time and... thank you. I'm gonna try to come around at least once a week and tell you how everything is going, okay? :3

So, over the past while I've gotten myself 4 Abyss doujinshi. ^^
Here they all are:
One, two, three, and four!

And we're getting Abyss in Japanese! X3 I can't wait! :D

Also, have you guys heard about the ToS OVA coming out this spring? ^_^ I can't find a video right now but if you search around on Youtube I bet you can find it~

That's all! Take care everyone! ^^=

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