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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Awww, x3
My comments aren't working but I wanted to tell Shizuka and Mew I read their posts! :D
The new kitten sounds so cute. x3

Hmm, nothing else to say actually. Sorry for such short posts ^^;;
I guess I could always ask a question! :D

If you have played ToA which charactrer, out of the following is your favorite and why?
Characters: Luke, Tear, Jade, Anise, Guy, Natalia, Asch, or Mieu.

I'd have to say Luke and Asch.(Yes I picked two. xD) Cause I just love'em a bunch. x3 There charcter designs are great, and playing as Luke is fun. xD

Well, take care^_^=

[EDIT]: I'll try to change my layout soon! ^^

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