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Sunday, May 14, 2006

I want today to be a happy day^^
Hello Minna-san^^
I'm sorry I'm late today>_^; Nee-san's friend came over today and we went to dinner(She leaving for the summer).

I had a good weekend though^_^ It was really warm and it actually got really hot today@_@ I guess it's summer now. But I wish the spring could've lasted longer..^^'

Hehe, but one of the main reasons I came to update was to say, Happy Mother's Day!! ^.^ We usually never do something super specail on this day, because my Mama says that everyday is a Mother's day^^= But I still gave her a homemade card and a flower^_^

Well, that's about all^^ I'll get to you're sites now and I hope everyone has a good week!

Happy Mother's Day~

Take care^_^~

Edit: I'm playing with my layout so please nevermind it>_^;

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