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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hi guys. ^^
I remember and decided to come back and post :D;;; I'll try to do this once and a while so it's not like I never see you all again. XD;

Hrm;;; I've been staying up til 4 in the morning lately! o_o;;; I can't beileve it. XD And i've been waking up at 11 so I'm not getting that much sleep. :D;; But I'm okaaaay. :D

I bought a lot of Abyss doujinshi off of y!japan! They were just shipped to me~ I can't wait ♥ :DDD Maybe I'll scan some for you guys...? :O I do have a few already scanned... I'll try and upload one right now. And when that's uploading like give you a link to the manga of Asch's past. I had to upload it for a friend on LJ so I'll just put it here too!

WARNING: spoilers for Tales of the Abyss in the file below. (It'd just be safest to have beating the game.)

Anyway, I was looking at MyO and wow. XD I really is dead. No one has updated in quiet a whiiiile. XDD It's kinda sad. ;__; That's why I don't want to lose you guys. You're really dear friends. I just wish you'd get LJs;;; Like RK is! 83 (but then again, over the days I've become just a SPAZ. XD You'd all probably be afraid of me. XD;;; )

Writing on here is like visiting an old friend. XD Really it is. And I want you guys to know, those who still comment that your still really good friends. Thank you ♥

And ask a question like I used to but I don't think anyone'll see. Oh well~
What's your first 3 favorite pairings? I'm just curious. :3 It seems like everyone, espically on lj, is liking yaoi this days. *sigh* XD

I love you guys~ Thank you so much for hanging with me~

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