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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Happy Febuary!
I alway seem to spell 'Febuary' wrong^^;

Hello minna-san!
I'm sorry if I missed any of your sites last night. I was busy with all city choir>_^;
Oh, I had icecream in regualr choir today though! Yummy...X3

Ah, and I changed my layout! =^_^=
I'm really glad I finally could change my layout! I like this one a lot. But I only have it thanks to Shizuka-chan! Thank you very much for the welcome sign and background Shizuka-chan!^_^~

Well, Take care^_^x

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Monday, January 30, 2006

A rainy afternoon~
Hello Minna-san~!
When I was walking home today it was raining really hard, and right when I got home it slowed down. I didn't mind though cause I like walking in the rain^^ And it's a lot better than it being just cloudy all day long^^; And soom rain just feels refreshing.

I finished typing my second chapter which is longer than my first^^ I'm going to put in on my site right when I'm done updating. I'd like to see what you guys think so if you do read it could you read before you comment?^^;

Ah, well I'm off to your sites!

-I like you, that's why I like you! ~Suki

Take care^_^=

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The sun came out!

Hello Minna-san!
The sun's out today! It's really cheers me up^.^
Yesterday It snowed then it just stopped. But now the sun's out!

I'm going to type my story today! I have a lot of motivation now that it's sunny~
So the second chapter of Michi will be up soon!

Ah, does anyone know some good HagaRen(FMA) sites that have good wallpapers? I can't seem to find any and I really want to change my layout>_^;

Well, I'm going now!
Take care^_^=

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm glad I could save your life~
And I hope you live it too the fullest.

Ah, yesterday, I was walking home from school and then a found a bird on the street. I...though it was dead. When I got closer I could see it's beak and tail feathers moving. It was just laying in the middle of the street and it was breathing heavly. I wasn't all bloody or looked like it was about to die anytime soon. I pulled a plasic sandwhich bag out of my lunch box and picked it up and ran as fast as I could home. I was out of breath from running and my hands full. I banged on the front door to my house. My little sister opened the door and I told her to call my Mom, who had been out shopping. I set the little bird down in the grass. He looking like I was doing a bit better now that he was off the side of the road. After I got him set up right my mom pulled my in her car and when inside and started call around town to see if there was, which we though wasn't very likely, and vet or animal clinic the would take the bird in and care for it. My mom called and she found a place that would take the bird in. I was so happy that someone would care for him. By then, the bird (which I decided to call Tori-san^^;) was much more alert and right before we put him in a tiny box he hopped around a bit! So we took him to the clinic and now i bet he's there resting. I was so happy I could help save a life. ~^_^~

*sigh* I'm pretty sure I'm able to be on here again! I don't have that much homework tonight and probably won't have any tomorrow. So, ah, I'm glad to be back!

I've been motived to write more on my story so I'll get some done this weekend^^
I'll visit everyone now!

Take care^_^=

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Not again...
Gomen minna...

Ah, my internet connection broke again....so I can't get on that much anymore. I'll try to update but sence schools starting again I really don't know how much I can be on. I'm really sorry minna-san>_<

When I'm gone though I will try to work on my story, okay? So when I get back I you guys can read it.
And it's another cloudy day...I wish it would rain or something. It get depressing after a while.

Well, I'm going off to clean up the house soon^^;

Take care^_^=

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hello Minna-san^_^
Sorry but this is going to have too all city choir soon.

I'm really not worry about choir anymore I'm more excited than nevrous.
Hehe, I really actually don't have much else to say...I'm planing to change my layout this weekend if I have time. And if I find something.

Well, I have to go now.
Take care^_^=

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Monday, January 16, 2006

I know...
Gomen nasai minna-san! >_< I'm really really sorry that I haven't gotten my story updated yet but I will today! I know I've said I will eariler but this time I'm going to do it for sure!! I'm really sorry!
It just seem like on thing after another happens and...I just don't have enought time...and now school's getting harder and harder... They said they where going to give us a bunch of work from now til I think Spring break... So I'm really sorry if I can't even get on the computer some days...I'll try my best to get to you guys over the weekend though.

I can't write lately because my mind seems so tired out. And I really think I need alonger break. And yesterday I did nothing but play Tales of Symphonia because I just counldn't function.
I have all city choir tomorrow night...So I'm kinda nervous about that. And I think I might be gettting sick. For me I usually can't last two weeks in the winter without getting sick. And then in regualer choir we have to do solos. And that makes me ten times more nevrous>_<

After ranting, holding my cat and look and the beautiful golden sun light. I'm feeling qutie better. Now only if the sun could stay out for longer than 5 minutes^^; But it does look like it's going to be partly clear for the most of the day^_^x It's been cloudy for the past couple days.

Ah...I think I should change my layout. That would make me feel a bit better too. But could some one please help me with it though? I have nothng to make a layout. So if some one could please help me I would apreceate it.>_^;

Uwaa..I bet this is getting really long^^; Gomen.
Well, Maybe I should go now and get some work done before my sisters wake up. I'll enjoy this peace and quiet the best I can^_^~

Take care^_^=

Edit: Nevermind and peace and quiet idea>_^; My little sister just woke up and is practicing her ocarina^^;

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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Hello minna-san! Hopfully I won't have any homework on Friday but, I have no homework tonight^^ So I'll get to your sites tonight!

I'm going to try to write on my story or type it up tonight so it'll be on my site soon^^

Not much left to say...
Take care^_^=

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I've been so busy@_@

Hello minna-san.
I'm really sorry but this is going to be another short post!>_<

I think my all city choir auditions went pretty well....I was really nervous though. But I saw one of my friends when I just stepped in and he show me what papers to fill out and stuff^.^

Buut....we've been having bunches of homework....and with all the homework I don't have the much free time...I really would visit your sites if I could but I;ve been really busy...I'm sorry v.v=;;

Not much else to say...I;m try to update everyday to tell you guys what's going on though.

Gomen and take care^_^;

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gomen nasai!!
I'm sorry!

I'm really sorry I was gone for that long for some reason I could log into MyO.

I know this is going to be really short but I have to go now. I'm going to a audition for city choir! I hope I get in^^

Sorry, for the boring post.
Take care^_^=

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