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Friday, August 5, 2005

Me: *just woke up*

Ayame: *knocks on Ayla's door* oh Ayla Time for go~

Yuki: be nicer big brother she just proab;y woke up!

Me: Leave for what!

Hatori: *passing by* To go school suply shopping.

Me: oh fine! let me get ready!

Ayame: ok hurry up we don't have much time.

Yuki: Come on lets go big brother! *pushes him down stairs*

Me: *sigh* *thinks: Aww man, this is sucks soooo bad!*

Kyo: *frim downstairs* I don't want to go!

Haru: your going you stupid cat!

Kyo: yeah make me!

Me: man.. they're at it again. *walks downstairs*

Haru: I gadly will!!

Kyo: *gets into fighting stacne*

Me: *Comes in between* please stop you two!

Yuki: *Thinks: why does she even bother...

Haru: Fine, but only becasue you said so.

Me: *thinks: he must have changed into black haru....*

Kyo: I'm still not going.

Yuki: fine you stupid cat you can stay if you want to.

Ayame: We'll be waiting in the car.

Hatori: please hurry up.

Me: *comes up to Kyo: please!! *gives puppy dog eyes* i'm beggin you.

Kyo: -_- fine *Think: dammit always falling for that one*


I'll tell the rest later rightnow i have got to go bye!

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