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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Me: *drags self down the stairs* T_T

Kyo: *stand up from getting milk for the refirdgerator* Eh what are complaining about?

Me: *comes by him and kinda shoves him* You should know. T_T

Kyo: Your still upset about that?

Ayame: *comes in the kitchen* Yes me and Ha'ri were talking, we're gonna have to go school supply shopping for you.

Hatori: *comes in after* And we still need to get you registered.

Me: Please... don't remind me.

Yuki: Ms. Kuroda?

Me: *turns to Yuki* Yes Yuki?

Yuki: was this... er backpack?

Me: What do you mean was? 0.0 oh my god... *Sees backpack all torn up to shreds* Wha... *sad and desperate look on face*

Haru: *sees the back pack* Um...

Me: T_T Yes Haru... what is it?

Haru: I have a confession....

Me: Yes...?

Haru: um.. i did that..

Me: WHA!?!?! T_T *cries* Why.... why Haru!

Haru: Black...

Me: ohhhhhh T_T

Yuki: Don't Worry Ms. Kuroda, I'll loan you one.

kyo: Sheesh, look we also need to shop clothes for you... ok so maybe just you...

Me: Ohohoho no no no! I'm draging all of you along with me!

Kyo: WTF! *walks off*

Me: *Sigh* School....

Ayame: Don't worry we'll help you. even if we dont bring grouchy ol kyo!


Me: Well i'm off.... i gotta go help Mei get ready! T_T


Yeah preperations for school...

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