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Monday, August 1, 2005

me: Haru gets to stay! *glomps haru*

Haru: whoa! *poof*

Kyo: um... *looking out the window*

Yuki: *upstairs and looks out the window* Oh crap...

*door knocks*

Me: oh yeah! Ha'ri we got a visotor!

Hatori: i have a bad feelin about this...

Me: *opens door* Aya!!! *about to hug but remember wht will happen*

Ayame: Hello my flower!

Kyo: What the hell are you doing here ayame!?

Me: Oh, Kyo um...

Ayame: She invited to visit of corse!

Kyo: oh crap...

Yuki: *comes down and sees Ayame* shit i was right...

Ayame: Little brother! *hugs Yuki*

Hatori: *Comes in* Yup i was right i had a bad feelin about this...

Yuki: bastard, get your fithy hands off of me...

Me: *Thinks: i'm proably gonna have to hug everyone if this turns out bad....*

Kyo: Why did you invite him Ayla!!!

Me: um.. Because...

Haru: Don't yell at her...

Kyo: Shut up Haru!

Haru: .:Changes into black haru:. Make me you stupid cat.

Everyone but Haru and Kyo: *thinks: uh-oh...*

Yuki: Big brother, go away!

Ayame: Oh but why?

Yuki: Becasue i said so!

*chaos going everywhere*

Hatori: I'm leaving...

Me; i'm sorry everyone!

Yuki: Ms. Kuor...

Me: *hugs Yuki*

YUki: *poof*

Me: *catches Yuki* I'm sorry Yuki! *sets him on the table*

Kyo: Why you little brat! 0.0

Me: *Me Hugs Kyo and Haru the same time* I'm sorry1!! *puts Kyo in the corner and Moves haru to the kitchen*

Haru & Kyo: *poof*

Ayame: well...

Me: SORRY! *hugs ayame*

Ayame: *poof*

Me: *puts him in another corner* now everyone stay there!

Hatori: *comes in* Is everything alright in... 0.0

Me: *Turnning around and rips and lands on hatori*

Hatori: *poof* WATER!

Me: oh no i didnt mean to do that! *puts Hatori in a fish bowl* I'm so sorry....

*In the kitchen*

Me: I'm thirsty *graps a root beer and head into the living room*

Everyone but me: *POOF!*

Me: ACK!!!!!! *runs up the stairs*

Everyone: -_____-;;


I'm gonna stick without the bored for a while. Um So yeah bye!

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