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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Fathers and Carebears
OMG! Raindrop23 (see my friends) really got me thinking about this now! I don't think we'll ever meet Davey Jones's father, but it would be interesting to see Mr. Gibbs father, Norinton's father, Governor Swan's father, and Barbossa's father! Ah! All these father's and it isn't even close to father's day yet!

Does anybody else like carebears? I remember watching a movie when I was really little, like three years old, and I've recently taken up an interest in them. I've gotten bedtime bear and good luck bear for Christmas the past couple of years, and my friend won me two more of the care bears at a festival. Aww! They're so cute! I want more bears! My favorite is bedtime bear, because the symbol on his stomach matches my room. Does anybody else like carebears? If so what's your favorite one?

Ja ne for now!

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