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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quest to Find Deidara Fans

Kami = bold|Lucky = italic

Deidara: hey!
Lucky: yo!
Kami: Whatsup?
Deidei: nm
Lucky: *huges*
Kami: *glomps*

Deidara: So are we ready to find some fans of me?
Kami: Yeah! *raises fist in the air*
Lucky: Yeah!

Lucky: I know some ppl that might know Deidara...
Kami: who?
Lucky: darKatana? Well, she did draw me a pic with me and Dei-kun...
Kami: OMG
Deidara: She what?!
Lucky: *huges*
Kami: *glomps*
Dei-kun: OMG

Kami: HEY! Why won't anyone draw me and Dei together?
Dei-kun: Umm, can we change the subject?
Lucky: *teases Kami* Deidara likes me better! Deidara likes me better!
Dei-kun: C'mon don't fight over me.
Kami: Yes, lets share!

Lucky: *glomps Dei* Whatever...
Dei: Srry, gtg!
Kami: Okay, bye!
Lucky: But to where?!
LuckyXKami: *Sees Dei going to the casino*

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