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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kami & Lucky's Story

Here's a story Luckychan101 and I made by PMing each other. First we were talking, as soon as we knew it, we were creating a story! Use this key to see who's writing the story (we took turns):

Kami = bold|Lucky = italic

Lucky: We're too young for Sesshomaru *huggles*

Kami: *hugs you back, then goes back to Sesshy*
Kami: I'm too young too! :3
Sesshomaru: Hey! Hello? Who cares if your too young?
Kami: Sorry Sesshomaru, I must let go...
Sesshomaru: NO!!!

Sessh: come back, Kami!
Lucky: *hits Sessh* no more flirt!
kami: yep!
Sessh: *angry!*
Lucky: OMG!
Kami: Run, before he kills us all!
Deidara: I will protect you, Lucky-sempai & Kami-sempai!
me: Hero! :3
You: um, who are you Deidara-kempai?

Deidara: I am Deidara.
Kami: Oh *starts talking to Deidara, forgetting about Sessh*
Sessh: AHHH!! What happend to my Fangirls!!
Lucky: We don't like you anymore *sticks tongue out*
Sessh: *pulls out his sword*

Lucky: get behind me, Kami!
Lucky: Okay, do something!
Kami: Look!
Lucky: he's transforming!
Deidara: *transforms to y mode*
Kami: *hearts in eyes*
Lucky: Did you forget Sessh is trying to kill us?!
DeidaraxSessh: And that is why we say Lucky is the tomboy!
Kami: Their disses are awkward... ...but great!
Sessh: *suddenly glomps Kami*

Sessh: Thats it!! I need more help! *hipnotizes Deidara*
Kami: NO!! Deidara!!
Lucky: *snickers*
Kami: Don't just stand there, help Deidara!
Lucky: *transforms into a y *
Deidara & Sessh: AHHH! SCARY! Lucky's a REAL ! *hides*

Lucky: Am I really that scary?
DeixSessh: *nods, but afraid to talk*
Kami: Whoa! They're accutally scared!
Lucky: *transforms into Chiyo's dad!* Hey, How do you do? Fine Thanyou!
kamixSesshxDei: OMG!
Kami: Look out!
The Inuyasha comes! da da duh!!!!!!!!!!!
Dei: who?
Sessh: *angry stare*

Kami: Okay now your scaring me Lucky! Chiyo's Dad? Now thats scary *hides with Sessh and Dei.
Lucky: C'mon its me Kami. Don't be scared. *changes back into Lucky*
Inuyasha: Whoa, who's that? *stares at Lucky with Hearts in Eyes*
Sessh & Dei: OMG! Thats LUCKY! She's my .
Lucky: *doesn't know everyone is staring at her* *talks to Kami*
Miroku comes in.
Miroku: INUYASHA! I have been looking for you!! *looks at Lucky*
Inuyasha: Isn't she beautiful?
Miroku: Whoa! She's beautiful *walks up to Lucky* Lucky, will you bear my child?
Lucky: *slaps Miroku*

Lucky: OMG! Dosen't anyone notice Kami?!
InuxMiroku: Whoa, she's hot too!
Lucky: Well, you do kinda like Inuyasha...
Kami: But I'm all into Sesshomaru now!
Sessh: *the two hugs*
Lucky: how sweet... *But then... ...out of nowwhere... crawls InuxMiroku!
InuxMiroku: [LuckyChan!!!!!!!!!]
Lucky: This is so unfair! Kami chan is enjoying her moment with Sessh while I have to fight these two morrons!


Sessh:Hey, I'm back!
everyone eles: me too! ^_^
Dei: Hey, everyone!
Everyone: Hey!
Kami: I posted our yesterday story on my world!
Lucky: YAY!
Everyone eles: Oh no!

Kami: Why did you say Oh no?
Lucky: Yeah, whats the problem?
Everyone else: Well, we wanted this to be a private story...
Kami: Well don't worry. Now we can look back at it anytime we want to at my world.
Everyone else: Okay...

Everyone eles: *cries*
Lucky: whimps!
Kami: you said it, pardner!
Lucky: Bringing old wild west back?
Kami: hun?
Lucky: Tee~hee! You said pardner!
kami:... *cheeks grew red*
Sessh: Lookit her, she's bluhing!
Dei: OMG!

Dei: Okie dokie. Lets get back to the story...
Lucky: Get back morrons. I don't like both of you!!
Kami: *with Sesshy*
Miroku & Inu: *mouths drop*
Lucky: My heart belongs to Sesshomaru...
Sesshomaru: *drops Kami* Really?
Lucky: NO! Just kidding!

Sessh: *predends to kiss Kami*
kami: Oh, Sesshomaru!
Sessh: OMFGG!! o.O *acks away*
kami: You saved my life!
Lucky: welcome!
Dei: um, you're forgeting to include me in the story...
kami: srry...
kami: sup?

Sessh: *runs back* Then umm, Lucky, are you available?
Lucky: Sesshomaru!! I'm 9 years younger than KAMI!!
Sessh: Is that a yes?
Kami: *slaps Sessh* Sorry, that was for your own good.
Dei: Hell? What about me??
Miroku: Whoa Kami, you remind me of Sango.
Inuyasha: Yeah Kami, you do. Good thing your not Kagome *snickers*
Deidara: HELLO? I'm supposed to be the center of attention too!!
Lucky: *slaps Dei*

Sessh: Now lets go target Kami!
All the boys: great idea!
Lucky: OMG! Kami!
kami: EEP!!!! HELP!


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