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Friday, March 14, 2008

Kami-chan's Birthday Journal

Yippee! *throws confetti in the air* Its my birthday... in 3 days! Its on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. So, I created a journal to tell you what I will do for my birthday weekend, since my birthday is on Monday. the journal will be listed 14-17 of March. Keep checking back everyday for updates. :]


March 14th-Friday 6:13 PM [ET Time]

Umm first entry. Well, I got my presents from my Grandma. It was in a box from California. I expected a Manga Book. I got clothes. T.T But, I'm greatful! I think... Then, well, thats all, for today. Can't wait till tomorrow. Manga, here I come!!

P.S. I found out that in Japanese Birthday is: tanjoubi


March 15th-Friday 8:00 PM [ET Time]

Whoa! Finally home. We went to Barnes & Noble and I couldn't find a book. I was looking for How to Draw Manga books but only found Chibi Manga Which was entirely cute. But, it was $19.99. So, I bought this book that teaches you how to color your Manga Pictures on 'Paint' that was $3.00 [a great deal]! And I also got the next issue of Soujo Beat Then we went to buy some food. Sushi! YAY! After, came home to watch Nancy Drew


March 16th-Friday 8:01 PM [ET Time]

Almost my birthday! Well, today we stayed home. The usual. But, we made cookies! And I was glued to the computer the whole time too. :3 Also, MY DAD BOUGHT US A SCANNER!! I couldn't believe it! I'll be able to use it tomorrow! YAY! And, we played a game of Ping-Pong [we have a ping-pong table].

Finally the Otaku worked when I submited my Wallpaper. AND IT WAS FEATURED ON THE FRONT PAGE! Well, it was the 3rd page. But, oh well :D


March 17th-Friday 8:01 PM [ET Time]

AHH! Today is the day!! I acually woke up to find that my mom secretly made me a birthday cake!! And, I got a Art Kit. Also, a Barnes and Noble Gift Card! YAY! Now I can buy lots of Manga books! It had $40! When I went to school, I got a card/present from all my friends. When I came home, we made pizza and had a Ping-Pong Challenge. Oh, and my dad acually fixed up and installed the Printer/Copier/Scanner. You'll see my art soon!!

P.S. Now, my wallpaper made it up to the front cover of the Otaku!! Yipee!

Thanks for reading Kami-chan's Birthday Journal.

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