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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kami Land Laws

-Please sign the guestbook before leaving [Iím begging you] Kami Land. But do not leave short messages. Something long, please.
-Add us, Kami Land always loves to meet new friends.
-Check out the Kami Land Gallery [Portfolio] once in a while. Donít vote on the art unless you really like it.
-Leave a comment on the art please!
-If you comment on here I will eventually make it back to you. Note that I go on the otaku almost everyday.
-Swearing is allowed.
-PM Kami Land. We barely hold conversations these days...
-Absolutely no copying.
-If you donít follow the laws, you get kicked out of Kami Land.

Thank you for reading!! Be sure to follow the laws.

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